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What to do if lonely women feel uncomfortable…?

What to do if lonely women feel uncomfortable…?

Harshada Pimpale

Buds fade sometimes, probably they forget to bloom…!

Sometimes women are lonely and there are different reasons behind their loneliness. Loneliness of every woman’s mind is different because every woman is different. some women’s depression is visible and some women’s depression is never visible. The loneliness of the mind is often not visible on her face. It is difficult to recognise this woman with a smile in her heart and smile on her lips.

It is not really possible to say how much this strange loneliness of the mind is bothering their mind. Someone’s husband is bad and someone’s husband is forever abandoned. Some people have to bear hardships despite doing everything in the house. some people have to bear mental and some physical tortures.

Sometimes no one can tell the sadness that will accumulate in the heart. even if they have friends these women do not express themselves in front of anyone, thinking that they should keep the household problems at home. The thought that job loss can lead to financial crisis.

Sometimes due to illness and increasing confusion of thoughts,women sometimes fill lonely. Her mental restlessness gradually increases. They do not understand what to do are they prefer to endure despite the way they often seem.

But there are certain things women should do if they really feel uncomfortable. Because there is no truth in being restless forever. If a woman is smiling,how the whole house keeps laughing and playing.but if these same woman is upset, then the house also looks like a golden concert.

So, If lonely women feel uncomfortable generally some things should be done.
For example_____

♦️ Forgetting bitter memories-
Try to forget the things that make you feel lonely and upset because until you forget the bitter memories, your mind keeps learn to forget somethings.

♦️ Try something new-
Prefer doing something different and doing the same thing everyday. If you want, skip one more thing daily, but don’t forget to do something new and different and don’t have any hesitation in doing new things.

♦️ Make time for what you love-
Prioritize doing what you love first because if you do things like you,the mind get satisfaction. The mind becomes calm.

♦️ Communicate freely-
Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with the person you want to share them with,because if you hesitate all the time things will remain hidden in your mind.

♦️ And if you want to talk to a man/ friend you should definitely talk. because not all men/ boys are bad. There are many men who understand. talk to them. express yourself, be free.

♦️ Problems are never end,so even in such cases women should take enough rest. If we want to calm the tired mind, it is necessary to give rest to the body first.

♦️ Light and nutritious diet-
Eating is often neglected. proper diet also affects our mind so it is important for women to take proper diet.

♦️ Do regular exercise,yoga-
There can be no better alternative than exercise and meditation. exercise and meditation are very helpful in generating positive energy throughout the day.

♦️ Cultivate a hobby of interest.engage yourself in work like sewing, knitting.

♦️ Go for regular walks.

♦️ Listen to your favourite songs.

♦️ Nowadays serials show lot of nonsense. Therefore, one should not watch any program which is extremely meaningless and which frightens the mind.

♦️ Stop overthinking and worrying, because this makes the mind more restless.

♦️ Communicate with nature-
Communicate with nature’s leaves and flowers.The fragrance of flowers helps to relive mental restlessness.

♦️ Don’t forget to keep positive attitude.

♦️ Always remember, “you are not alone.”

Garden never looks pretty with witted buds. even the garden looks beautiful when the buds bloom…so always keep smiling ladies, the house also stay fresh because of you.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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