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What is the real meaning of listening to the same song over and over again every day??

What is the real meaning of listening to the same song over and over again every day??

Mayuri Mahajan

Listening to songs and humming the lyrics, and feeling the words with that, that’s the biggest thing. See, most of the time we’re in the mood we’re in when we’re listening to the song, so listening to songs is very closely related to our psyche, now. If you look at it, there are types of people who listen to songs, some are listening to songs everyday, some are listening to songs according to mood, some are arranged by others, so they enjoy listening to songs.

But although the methods of listening to songs are different, according to human nature, they are feelings that please people and make people happy, but in all this, the most important thing is what kind of songs we listen to, how long we listen to them, if we are listening to the same song every day. ,so what exactly does it mean,??

No, the human mind is very sensitive, it doesn’t take things easily, and things don’t come easily, so one wants to engage oneself and express oneself in a way through songs overall, listening to music is very good for one’s mental health. is,

Because the senses that work through our five senses are wonderful to hear and enjoy, listening to music is also used as a form of therapy in our psychology.

If a person repeats the same song every day, then first of all we should observe that person while listening to that song, what are the gestures of that person while listening to that song, follow it closely, because there is definitely some reason behind the repetition of such a person.

Like the words in those songs, the melody of that song matches the life of that person, there is a very close relationship between that song and that person’s life, the message that the background of that song conveys to us, that person’s relationship with that person’s life, that person cannot share with anyone.

Such a person’s own thinking is assumed, so facing the good and bad events that happen in life, the person tries to find his happiness through those songs along with his life.

When a person cannot accept reality, and a person wants to walk in his world, live in his fog, even then a person is alone experiencing his world and listening to songs, the melody of the song and the melody of life are so perfectly matched that sometimes they become a part of life, a life of imagination. A person immerses himself in the association of those songs with the idea of ​​what is happening, or will happen, in the form of a film.

Listening to music is closely related to a person’s mentality, which song they listen to, and why they listen to it, how long they listen to it, and why they listen to it, just taking care not to overdo it, so other things can be taken care of, so you must protect your preferences. , must enjoy it,

But any hobby of ours will be controlled by it, we should not get so addicted to it, then we have to suffer for it, so as much as so, for that we are running our mentality according to us or our mentality is running us, It must be see that,it is not out of control from us. It’s a very important thing….

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)


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