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What is the key of happy life?

What is the key of happy life?

Kavya Gagangras


Who doesn’t like to have a happy and satisfied life? Of course, everyone will love to have one. But happiness or satisfaction varies person to person. The things that makes one happy is depend on that person.

No one likes to have a dissatisfying or sad life! But still we can see many people who are not happy or satisfied with the things they have! Why some people are always happy with or without reason, but some are always disappointed and dissatisfied even when there is no reason! Why does it happens?

Is the situation is reason behind unhappy or dissatisfying life? But there are many who are still happy no matter how bad the situation is! What makes the difference? Attitude! Person’s attitude makes the difference. Attitude is responsible for one’s happiness or satisfaction.

Some people try to achieve everything till the end of their life so that they live a happy life. But while achieving this they keep postponing their happiness and at the end they remain unhappy, dissatisfied as they didn’t realise this happiness satisfaction not comes from external things. It comes within. It’s within us. It’s is your attitude which makes the difference!

Once you understand this thing, once you introspect yourself you will get that we ignore what we have while pursuing ‘what we don’t have’. In CBT, its called as “Disqualifying the positive” which is a thining error. For e.g., A person who have a bike whishes a car and one who have a house wishes to have a mansion. Even one’s got 90marks still thinks I got less numbers and this attitude keeps us dissatisfying.

We forget to value the things we already have. While trying to get more and more we didn’t even realise that the things we have is someone’s wishlist too. Once we realise this things and started value what we have, once we change our attitude, we will be happy and satisfied and feel contentment.

So what’s the key? There is simple solution. All you have to do is make a list of what you already have and feel grateful for them. Value what you already have. While pursuing your goals- dreams, wishes with hard work this things will make you realise your abilities your achievements ‘ what you already have?’ it will make you happy and you will learn to be content! It will give you immense pleasure for all that things that you have right now. So be grateful for them and this will be the key of happy life!!!

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