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Home » Ups and downs go on, no one is happy, everyone is just trying to survive.

Ups and downs go on, no one is happy, everyone is just trying to survive.

Ups and downs go on, no one is happy, everyone is just trying to survive.

Aparna Kulkarni

Sudhir Dixit has four children. Three boys and one girl. Dixit was earlier working as an army officer but now retired and stays at home. Being an army officer, he often stayed away from his family. He used to come home from time to time and spend as many days as he could with his family. But now that he is retired, he is sitting at home and giving time to his family.

Little did they know when all four of their children grew up because of their work. All of them had gone into adulthood and Sharda was proud of the fact that she had fulfilled this responsibility very well. Sharda had never complained about anything to Sudhir Dixit. All the responsibilities of the house and the children were fulfilled alone and the children were brought up well. Sudhir Dixit’s elder son Rajesh was now working as an engineer, daughter Sudha was studying in college, Vinay wanted to join the army so he was taking training and Rachit was in 12th.

Dixit sir and Sharda were chatting when Rajesh came from the office and went into the room and closed the door. Both Sudhir and Sharda looked at each other confused by his behavior. Rajesh had never behaved like this before and suddenly today Sharda got worried and started to call him, Sudhir Dixit stopped her and said give him some time he will come out in a little while. By the way, Sudhir sir did not have much relationship with his children as Sharda Tai did.

But Sudhir sir was an army officer and these people have a good sense of people so they had a good idea of ​​what their children were like. But since Sharda tai was not at ease, after waiting for a while they knocked on the door and forced Rajesh to come out, Rajesh was feeling very upset, his eyes were red from crying.

Seeing his condition, both of them were very upset. Both took him into confidence and asked him lovingly, he said, I lost my job. For many days I was working on a project but there was a lot of bullying in the company and I was rejected even though my presentation was good so if I argued I was fired. Now Rajesh entered his mother’s lap and started crying. Sharda also started crying a lot but Sudhir sir explained this to both of them and reassured them that they are worried about getting another job.

Here Sudha was going to college but lately her behavior has changed a lot. Sudhir sir had sensed it but as Sharda was under tension due to Rajesh’s job, he decided to ask Sudha directly. Once when Sudha was sitting in the room reading something, Sudhir sir took her outside, chatted here and there, fed Sudha her favorite food but Sudha’s mood was not as good as it should be. Then sir asked her the reason, she said, Neeta is my friend in my college. She loved a boy but a few days ago that boy asked me for marriage and Neeta broke off her friendship with me.

There was nothing wrong with me dad, I have no such feelings towards that boy. Now what is my mistake that he demanded me?? But what was the reason for Neeta breaking friendship with me?? Sudha started crying and Sudhir sir somehow made her understand. By the time Sudha was normal, the news of Vinay’s accident during training came to his ears. So everyone went to the hospital and brought him home. His arm and leg were badly injured in the accident. He also felt uncomfortable due to the injury and also lost confidence.

Gradually, Sudhir sir’s children became restless and depressed. Rajesh was looking for a job but was not getting the job he wanted, Sudha was trying to be normal and behave but after going to college, she was fed up again with Neeta’s behavior and Vinay was trying to rebuild his broken foundation. Sharda tai and Sudhir sir were tired looking at the children but did not show it in front of the children.

Sudhir sir was very strong minded but he also felt sad to see his children so tired but he was sure that this experience will give his children the wisdom to live. One day Sudhir sir and Sharda tai were chatting with all their children. At that time, Sudhir sir was telling some experiences in the army. He was telling the children how he realised how fleeting life is, how life is fought during the mission and how we live it when we get to live it.

Finally, he said, you will get what is yours, children. Sudha is your friend Neeta she didn’t trust you and trust is the most important thing in friendship. If she broke off her friendship with you without even hearing your side, why do you feel sorry for her, Rajesh, you will surely get another very good job with your hard work.

It will take some time but you will definitely find someone who will appreciate your intelligence and you will have to struggle a lot to learn modesty, so there is no need to get tired once you try it. You will be a good army officer. Everyone’s life has ups and downs, no one is happy, everyone is just trying to survive and this effort should be normal. Don’t be disappointed live life happily.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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