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Home » Two women in the same house do not understand each other??

Two women in the same house do not understand each other??

Two women in the same house do not understand each other??

Mayuri Mahajan

As a human being we must have understanding, otherwise what is the point of being a human being??? Sometimes greatness of mind is needed to understand, sometimes wisdom of experience, it was read at one place that woman is the greatest enemy of woman, in fact I thought about it, why would there be such an attitude,???

Or those who made this statement must have experienced it, or at least observed it, so it is not that all women are enemies of each other, but the first problem for her may be women, but as far as time is concerned, at least It seems that some statements are applicable to that time changes, but statements remain the same…..

I myself am a woman, the conversation between two women in the same house and more than that, seems to happen in different ways at that stage of that age, in fact, the creation of a woman by nature can be seen in the form of listening power,every changes happen to a woman in her life step by step, physical level, or mental level, every change has to be faced every time.

The truth is that if you want to understand someone, you have to stand and think from his side, in fact, everyone’s ability to understand each other is different, like if you think of the number 6 six, the person standing on this side will call it six, and the person standing on that side will call it 9. Say, both are right, it’s just a question of standing in each other’s place and thinking, so sometimes one thinks how many times one has to understand, every time we understand, people will assume that, this is also important, that is, to understand As people begin to perceive us as more sensible

However, two women in the same house do not understand each other, somewhere in women, there is a feeling of jealousy over something, how about her, how about me, sometimes it is said openly, sometimes back, but jealousy is a characteristic of a woman’s nature. They don’t even understand each other because they seem to give double importance to each other’s needs, why do you need that thing, what I like is needed by me, so often women who prioritize their own needs over another woman fail to understand each other.

Although the nature of the female race is different for different women, one woman tries to be superior to another woman, or often compares, be it their beauty, sometimes their lifestyle, or how everyone calls her the best, comedic roles, But it’s just as expensive.

There is also a conflict in the level of understanding between two women because we are afraid of losing something of our right, so there is a conflict at that level in understanding, if she doesn’t understand me, why should I understand her? , but here it seems that if we are not going to understand anyone, then why should we expect anyone to understand us…

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)


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