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Troubles will never stop coming, rather it will give new meaning to life.

Troubles will never stop coming, rather it will give new meaning to life.

Aparna Kulkarni

Today was Kedar’s first day in office. So he reached the office before time. Kedar was a very intelligent and honest boy. He had worked hard for this job and it had paid off in the form of a job. Today was spent in getting to know all the work. Both his staff and boss were very nice. He said goodbye to everyone and left for home.

His mother was waiting for him. Seeing him in front of her, she ran to the door and how was the day Kedar?? Isn’t the office nice?? Did you do the work given to you today? Do you like your work?? What did your sir say?? His mother bombarded him with such questions. He came home and gave water to his mother and narrated all the details of what happened in the office.

What to do Kedar, either you have to struggle a lot to get a job. We are middle class. Your father and I have brought you up very hard since childhood. We didn’t let you have another child to fulfill all your needs, now you are married so I was worried about your job, said Kedar’s mother. Yes mom, I have a very good idea about everything. That’s why I went to the office first thing today, got to know all the work properly and then came.

But mother should tell Richa’s family and Richa also about my salary. At the time they came to see me they wanted a well paid son in law, if I had got a job in Infosys I might have got a great package but I didn’t get a job in Infosys so they should tell the truth. That’s right what you say. I will tell your father to talk to him.

Kedar was now well settled in the office. Everyone was very happy to see the result of his work. So he was very happy. He left the office after finishing and Richa was standing in front of him waiting for him. Oh Richa you?? when did you come?? Shouldn’t you call me? Kedar said, I wish I had come earlier. No, I came from my office two minutes ago. So did not call. Shall we sit somewhere and talk?? Richa said. Both went to a coffeeshop and Richa started talking, see Kedar, I am an engineer .

You had cleared two Infosys interviews and said you would get a job after the third one. That’s why I gave you yes, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. So you had to settle for the job and package you got and you did. Also, you said it in my house with an authentic look. I really appreciate you for that but my dreams and expectations are very different. They are of high level.

So I refuse this marriage. Kedar is shocked to hear Richa’s speech and says, ah but your father had given the yes to my father. Both of them have talked about my job. Yes I know that but my dad liked your honest nature and agreed. They didn’t take my opinion into account and that’s what I’m here to say. Sorry but Richa left as this marriage could not happen.

Kedar sat in the coffee shop for a long time listening to Richa’s talk. He himself was disappointed but now the big question was how to face his parents. His steps were not ready to turn towards home. He did not have the courage to face his parents.

He came home with a normal face and with great courage told everything at home. Kedar’s parents were very disappointed. No one ate in the house that day. The next day, Kedar made mom and dad sit in front of him and said, Baba Richa did the right thing by breaking the marriage.

What happened was good. How much heartache he would have suffered if she had married unwillingly and had an argument later. And we were able to fulfill her expectations. She is a comfortable girl. Everything was beyond us. So see me as a less educated but hot tempered girl.

Kedar’s parents were convinced and soon brought as a daughter-in-law a less educated but sweet-natured girl as Kedar had expected. Kedar and Pooja’s life started slowly. Pooja was really sweet in nature. She was contributing to the world by working part time.

Kedar’s and Pooja’s temperaments were well matched. Within five years, they had two children, Pari and Karthik. Everything starts well. Pooja is actually the daughter of Kedar’s father’s old friends. On that occasion, two old friends became friends again.

Pooja’s feet were auspicious for Kedar. Soon after the marriage he was promoted and his salary increased. But it is said that we cannot stay in happiness for long and also in sadness.

So Kedar and Pooja’s happiness was noticed. Kedar’s company had suddenly shut down and Had lost his job. There was another crisis at home. It was impossible to meet the children’s education and household expenses on Pooja’s salary alone. Kedar was going to many places for interviews every day but success was sitting on him wondering who to go to.

He could not find any job. His father-in-law had called for jobs in many places so he got a job in one place but he had to shift to a company outside India. Kedar had never left his family like this before but earning money was equally important to him. So his father-in-law was trying in many places for his job but by then he had decided to do this job.

But Pooja and Kedar’s mother did not accept his decision. Just two days left to join the job, Kedar was about to leave when Kedar’s mother’s health suddenly deteriorated. He had to be admitted to the hospital. She was unconscious, and was constantly chanting Kedar’s name. So Kedar could not go for the job.

Kedar was feeling very sad for his mother and Job. There was also the question of how to pay the hospital bills. Pooja paid the bill by pledging her own jewelery and brought her mother-in-law home. Kedar was very upset. His mind was consuming him as it was time to pawn his wife’s jewels while we were there.

Kedar’s mother was very sad that Kedar lost his job due to his illness. But no one was talking to anyone. Just then, Pooja’s father came and came with a load of wheat. Everyone was surprised, Pooja said to them, Baba, you know the atmosphere in the house, but how come you brought the grains?? Baba said, In the past, son-in-law Bapu had given an interview in a company and from there he has been called for a job and the more happy news is that the salary here is more than what he was getting outside India. Look, I have brought the joining letter.

Kedar took the appointment letter from his hand and after reading it tears of joy stood in his eyes. He quickly took his father in law’s blessings and said this is possible because of your efforts baba otherwise I would not have seen this day. Father-in-law said, son-in-law Bapu, it’s good that you didn’t go outside India for a job, you got a higher paying job by staying here with your family. Troubles will keep coming in life, they will never stop but on the contrary it will give new meaning to life. So have the courage to fight.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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