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Top 10 reasons for communication breakdown between husband and wife.

Top 10 reasons for communication breakdown between husband and wife.

Meraj Bagwan

‘Communication’ keeps the human in man alive. What is communication, talking to each other, exchanging ideas and in simple terms, chatting. If life is to be truly alive, there must be communication. If there is no communication, relationships do not survive, if there is no communication, there is no care, no love. .That is why this dialogue is very important.

Husband and wife is a very close relationship. This relationship is like two bodies and one soul. This relationship is made for lifelong support. But nowadays it is seen in many places that the communication between husband and wife is getting lost. Where there is communication, but it is not harmony, it is a deteriorating communication. So what could be the reasons behind this?

1) Not giving enough time to each other- In today’s stressful life, both are earning. Job-business takes most of the time away from home and then they cannot give each other the time they want. And then there is no communication. Even if there is communication, then there are arguments- There are more disputes.

2) Stubborn / Self-centered nature – Sometimes the wife is in her own world, sometimes the husband is very stubborn. No one notice each other’s minds . And so then the talking can stop and the communication can also be lost.

3) Financial difficulties – Many times in life there are financial difficulties and problems. Due to debt, increasing expenses, illness, money is not enough, stress increases. Then due to this, quarrels occur and communication breaks down.

4) Unrealistic Expectations – It is natural for both husband and wife to have expectations from each other. But if these expectations are unrealistic or never met, then conflict can arise. Anger and resentment can build up and then this affects communication.

5) Stressful physical relationship – Physical relationship is a kind of silent communication. Through physical actions, each other’s feelings reach each other and it is a very important connecting link between husband and wife. But if this physical relationship is forced, against the mind, it has no meaning. And Then this too can spoil the communication between husband and wife.

6) Family disputes – If family members are in the house, sometimes there are quarrels due to domestic reasons. Sometimes the husband takes the side of other members of the house, and sometimes the wife becomes very stubborn. Then due to this, the communication between the two is lost.

7) Suspicion – It is natural for husband and wife to feel ‘insecure’. But sometimes it turns into suspicion. Then doubts about each other, suspicions, surveillance, checking mobiles, etc. keep happening and it spoils the communication.

8) Excessive use of mobile phones and social media – Addiction to mobile phones is a household problem. And to top it off, excessive use of different social media leads to complete neglect of each other. One can spend hours online discussing things. But there is no time to talk to the person sitting in front of them. Communication breaks down.

9) Improper Management of Responsibilities – Life belongs to two people, no one is alone. But sometimes one has to look after the home, outside, children. All those responsibilities are fulfilled because it is one’s own. – The communication between the wife gets worse.

10) Lack of freedom – Every person is independent. Husband and wife are also two persons. Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions. But sometimes the husband is seen imposing his thoughts on the wife, and sometimes the wife is seen imposing her choices on the husband. Both want a relationship, but according to their own mind. Then each other’s differences are not taken into consideration here. Respect is lost somewhere. And then when respect is lost, communication is lost. Unwanted.

These are some of the main reasons, due to which the communication between husband and wife deteriorates. But communication keeps the relationship alive, how can it be damaged and lost and the relationship between husband and wife is for life. So this communication should be maintained. Husband and wife can be a great support to each other, which can be useful in achieving various kinds of success in life. Therefore, this relationship should be able to survive and it is possible because of the ‘harmony’ between each other.

Now a days husband and wife relationship seems to be breaking up very quickly, the above reasons are responsible for it. This is becoming a big social problem. Today it is heard and seen in every household, which is a great tragedy. Therefore, today every couple should learn to keep the relationship of husband and wife forever by checking these reasons and self-examination.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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