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Home » This habit of frequent mood off is very dangerous to mental health.

This habit of frequent mood off is very dangerous to mental health.

This habit of frequent mood off is very dangerous to mental health.

Harshada Pimple

“Radha’s mood doesn’t look good today. What the hell is wrong with sitting face down…? Did something go wrong…? Did someone say something to you…?” This kind of communication happens with us many times. Our mood also swings like this. If there is a mood swing many times, we say “I am not in the mood today, I don’t want to eat.”, “If I am not in the mood, where will I go?” I don’t want anything”

It goes without saying. But if such mood swings happen everyday… and not only that, a person is moody. And people usually try to avoid such a moody person. Because no one gets along with moody people very quickly. No. So if you have a moody nature, it’s a bit difficult…!

So what exactly is mood off….so in short, when we are happy, we go directly into a state of depression, we don’t feel like doing anything at that time. Because our mood is off. From happy mode we have gone to sad mode. And mood is off for any reason. And sometimes mood is off without any reason.

Now there are some reasons behind the mood off that should be understood. So what are the reasons…? Mood swings can be caused by a number of reasons, such as being irritated, having something unpleasant happen to you, having a fight with someone, being upset by someone’s words, changes in hormones, lack of positive energy, feeling constantly tired or exhausted, lack of sleep, side effects of certain foods, drugs, chemical imbalances in the brain. .

So if this mood is often off, it is not good at all for your mental and physical health. Frequent mood swings can be dangerous for mental health. Because even though it is normal to have mood swings, frequent mood offs are not normal. Frequent negative mood swings can be harmful to your health. So we need to find a solution to this frequent mood off. Ignoring this thing will not work because mood swings have some adverse effects on our life. People with frequent mood swings have to work harder to lead a normal life.

* Due to mood swings various negative changes start in personal life.
* Due to our mood swings, the surrounding environment also becomes cloudy. It becomes negative.

* The attention of others is distracted along with oneself.
*This has a big impact on our work.

* No attention is required in work, no attention is required in eating and drinking.
*Either one eats too little or eats too much .

* The collision problem starts increasing.
* Getting angry at others for no reason, blaming others, blaming oneself.

Some things like these happen in our life due to mood swings. But due to such things, our mental balance starts to deteriorate and our physical balance also deteriorates. The mind starts to indulge in depression. It affects the body and the mind. The person starts getting addicted. There is a possibility that the rate of psychosis will increase.

So frequent mood off can be dangerous. So to get out of this problem it is necessary to do some things. So that we can overcome frequent mood swings.

*Trying music therapy.
* Eating a nutritious diet.

* Consuming as much water as required.
*Trying aroma therapies.
* Get enough sleep regularly.

*Get up early-sleep.
*Avoid going into negative environment.
* Taking care of yourself.

*Maintain eating and drinking times.
*Going for a walk in the open air on the grass.
*Reading good books.

By doing some such things we can overcome mood swings. We can take care to prevent mood swings from affecting our mental health.

So..take care. Avoid mood swings as often as possible. Eat nutritious food. Do yoga.. Be happy.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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