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Home » There is no need to put status like people have not treated me well!!!

There is no need to put status like people have not treated me well!!!

There is no need to put status like people have not treated me well!!!

Kavya gagangras


It is the age of media. The era of media and digital things. All comes on the screen. Everything is done through the screen. like talk, exchange, work, whatever. During Corona, everything was done online. Therefore, the importance of this has increased. Social media comes in this media. Social media now covers the entire world. It has various platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and now everyone has accounts on all platforms. Even a five-year-old child has an account on it. When this platform was launched, it was said that it brought people very close to each other.

In the past, even if a letter was sent, it would take months for it to reach the recipient and then wait for their reply.
But social media changed this picture. No matter how far away the person is, your words and messages reach him within seconds. Not only this, we can express our opinion on this, share our memories and express what we want. People can be reached in maximum ways.

But everything has a limit. Once that limit is crossed, we start to bear its consequences, its suffering. Be it WhatsApp or Instagram, Facebook are all social media. Many people are watching and following us. They are reacting on it. So we have to think about what we put on it. We put many things on this platform. A photo, a video, a joke, anything. We also publish whatever success we have achieved. Why do we want to convey our feelings to people? Because it makes us happy, gives satisfaction. Often we share something that we feel bad about, something sad happened. But still all this has a limit.

Many people put the status of whatever happened to them, something bad happened to them, or whatever personal matter they have. It would be either emojis, captions, and often just plain sentences, telling how people treated me wrong, how I failed, how people didn’t treat me well. It is true that we do these things on impulse, but do we think carefully about it? Are viewers really interested in what we’re putting out there?

Do we think that someone can take advantage of the fact that we are posting our personal life directly? Is there any need for us to display our emotions unnecessarily by keeping everything as status quo? No. Even though this medium allows us to put things in our mind, what is happening in our daily life, it does not mean that we should put every single thing of our life on it.

Unbeknownst to us, someone is making fun of it, and we allow it to be made fun of by saying something. Well, after all these things, we rarely get any help from anyone. People often ask what happened and leave. This does not reduce our suffering but create scene. What we post is about the person, we should talk to that person and resolve whatever it is. This is what is important here. Now you may think that if happiness can be shared then why not sorrow? Of course we can express our grief but no one can help us or join in our grief just by saying that he has hurt me, he has betrayed me. This shows our thinking.

how is she. so if something like this really happened, we feel it is more important to post it instead of trying to minimize it. This shows nothing but our shallow personality. Many people even indirectly taunt with status. By posting things that should be settled face to face, we give four more people a chance to talk about it. Which is wrong. This is our loss. Because we reveal our whole life without needing anything.

Such events happen in everyone’s life. There will be good and bad experiences. No one missed them. But then talk to that person, someone close to you, an expert who can solve this problem. Showing your private life in front of 100 people doesn’t do anything, problems can increase. So think carefully before what you do. No matter how good social media sounds, at the end of the day, it’s all a virtual world. Use it as much as needed.

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