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Home » There is absolutely no need for us to get upset over trivial things.

There is absolutely no need for us to get upset over trivial things.

There is absolutely no need for us to get upset over trivial things.

Harshada Pimple

Rama is a twenty four year old girl. Beautiful in looks and equally beautiful in nature. A little tough and a little touchy. If someone said something, she would get touchy in an instant and would utter four words in an instant. Everything was good and a Rama used to get angry on trivial things. She was quick to get upset over any little thing. No matter what anyone says, she cannot bear it. Even if the day starts well, she would spoil her mood due to other things in the day. So the next day would pass in a flash.

She used to take petty things to heart so much that there was no limit to it. She used to harm herself due to such behavior. She was upset about her house. But still Rama did not stop being upset by some trivial things. In the end, what was bound to happen. Her getting upset like this increased day by day. It slowly started affecting her mind. Being upset over trivial things had cost her. She had wasted many good moments of her life.

Anyway…this is the story of Rama. But the same thing happens in our life too, no…?

Some people have a habit of annoying others for no reason. So we can’t always control our anger. Often we can’t bear to constantly bother others. Even if things are insignificant, they seem more to us. In such a situation, many people get angry quickly even over trivial things. They spoil their own mood. Not only this, but the same trifles also affect work and behavior.

And many people have no idea how dangerous it can be to be constantly angry. How appropriate is it to be angry…? Try to think why we keep doing the same thing which is basically not good for our health. We should also think about how much trouble it can be to get upset, angry, angry over trivial things.

Because constantly having mood swings, constantly getting irritated over trivial things is like giving yourself mental trouble. It’s okay to be upset sometimes. But being constantly upset is not very good. Learn to ignore those little things instead of getting angry over and over again. Sometimes things are better ignored. It is only necessary to understand the difference between what is trivial and what is not trivial. Sometimes the difference is not understood and therefore unwanted things happen.

Are you getting upset over trivial things too…?So wait…there’s no need to get upset over such trivial things. Sometimes things are better left loose. If you get angry, your life will be damaged. We must ignore some trivial things in life. Only then the next moments of life can be spent in fun and happiness. Otherwise the whole life will be spent in resentment.

So… Think. And decide whether you want to stop being angry all the time or focus on yourself. Don’t waste such a beautiful life on such trivial things. Learn to live it with a smile.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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