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Home » There are only two options to be happy: change the situation or change the state of mind.

There are only two options to be happy: change the situation or change the state of mind.

There are only two options to be happy: change the situation or change the state of mind.

Rohini Radhakisan

In life, every person is small and big by his thoughts, so his happiness is also a game of his thoughts. We all have seen that our grandmother, our mother had no existence in our house but we never saw them sad.

They see their happiness in the happiness of whole family. We just find the things which we don’t have but never notice which we have. In this world,while we are coming God sent us with richness. And at these hour if you have been live healthy life, then I don’t think that anyone can happy as much as you.

Tell me that in every situation we have the same cause of suffering. It means that we are waiting that we will get the comforts of our heart. and compares ourself with others. Sometimes we just see the dreams ,but without any action.Dreaming never comes true. For that we have to work hard and move.


If you want to get zero figure / six pack but you don’t want to diet, you don’t want to do yoga, you don’t want to exercise and you don’t want to say bye bye to junk food. Then you can never fulfill your desire, if you do not do this.

But you are very ashamed of your protruding belly. Seeing a fit person in front of you lowers your confidence. You feel very sad when you see yourself in the mirror. But tell me if you just feel sad without putting in any effort, it’s no use. On the contrary, you will have to face more serious consequences.

As a result, you will have to pay for this in your work. Where you used to speak very confidently, you will find yourself losing confidence when talking to clients. This is because the human tendency is that when we start thinking about something, we see a glimpse of it in our behavior.

You have also experienced many times that if you are happy, you feel happiness in everything and at that moment you start to remember only happy moments that happened in your life. And the reverse is also true in sorrow.

Then crying now will not achieve your goal, for that you have to take action. You have to go on a diet to lose weight. Exercise should not be boring. Only then will your dream come true and you will be happy.

And if both you and your own mind say no, we cannot do this, then why we cry?

If you are not able to change your situation then change your mindset and accept yourself as you are. love yourself Don’t compare yourself with anyone. Let people calculate your happiness by your wealth. Know yourself. Identify your own skillset and move in that direction. Do things that make you happy.

Circumstances are not in our hands but we are ourselves. We can fulfill every dream by working on ourselves. Just believe in your own hard work. And remember the world doesn’t end on just one thing, whatever it is. be happy Whatever you do, you will either get success, or you will get experience. keep trying to be happy

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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