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Strength comes from the ability to endure and deal with problems.

Strength comes from the ability to endure and deal with problems.

Meraj Bagwan

A person feels very strong to us. Everyone says, ‘How brave he is’, ‘How strong he is’. But this strength never comes in one day. So it comes from the ability to bear and deal with problems. This is very true. Problems make the man. Problems make the mind strong. Sometimes some problems have to be endured and some problems have to be dealt with properly. And this tolerance, coping skills in itself. Builds strength.

Everyone’s problems are different. Some people live a life with less problems. Because they have a kind of ‘comfort zone’. But some people have permanent, daily problems written in their destiny. When problems arise, a person gets frustrated, stressed and his mental peace is disturbed. This is all natural. But when the person starts to deal with those problems. When she tries to stand up from it or gets used to those problems, she gets a kind of mental strength. The person becomes intelligent, tough, practical.

When a problem comes, while solving it, a person experiences many new things, which he has not experienced before. While dealing with problems, people get real identity. They get a real sense of who is theirs and who is a stranger. The problem also shows us who is true and who is false. And Then due to this man starts to become powerful.

Some people take problems negatively and blame life. Then such people cannot become strong. But people who have been suffering from problems for a long time see different colors of life. And things happen. They automatically understand who to trust and who not. And then further deception is avoided.

We are saying about some people, ‘How wise do you think you are’. But these people have had many bad experiences in their life. And only by learning from those experiences, they have become wise and wise. And from all these abilities, they have a kind of strength.

Every problem that comes in life comes to change a person. A person is very quiet, aloof. But when problems come in her life, she stands up with all her might and then becomes bold. Develops herself. Problems make a person really strong.

As problems come in life, a person starts to think about all aspects of everything and thus develops right decision-making ability. One can decide where to be emotional and not to be. Therefore, without getting emotional, the person takes a decision for the good of all. Many times even ready to leave some things for some things was. able to make sacrifices. and all this was possible through the ability to bear and deal with problems.

Relationships, money, illness, mental illness, office problems, there are many different problems. But every problem makes a person stronger for sure.

So…how do you look at the problem…

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