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Stop looking for your space and need in someone else’s life.

Stop looking for your space and need in someone else’s life.

Pallavi Gawli

The mind is not stable. Constantly new expectations, new needs are created. When one ends, then the second becomes the third, it is an endless chain, and it is from these expectations that a journey of dependence begins.. The reasons may be different, but that dependence becomes a necessity.

Man cannot be alone, his mind needs constant support, it needs loving words, affection, sympathy. The demand of this mind is also different. Each person has different expectations from each relationship. From this feeling, what is the exact place in this person’s life? I depend on her but does this person also need me as much?

This journey of dependence is fatal in any relationship…

That is why it is bad to expect. Even if we consider each relationship, it has a certain duration. The need of the mind is to have someone in one’s life forever or to survive in their life and the same place should stop looking for that need..

In childhood we depend on mother for everything but she is the need of that time and age but on the other hand when mother depends on her child the body gets tired and the mind starts getting tired then do we fulfill her same need? Are we able to fulfill all her tasks? What should the mother do at such a time?

If we think of husband and wife, there is also expectation and dependence. Those reasons are different, here we depend for love, we live for support and it starts to become our need. If we are strong in our own mind then there is no need to find our place in the relationship, it remains only up to a certain limit.. Although it is necessary to depend on the relationship, it should not dominate us.

Many such examples can be given, but basically, if a person himself is capable, he does not have to struggle to create his own place in the life of any person, to maintain it, that place is created automatically. It should remain the same but we need to be careful not to change it

If you start being able to do it yourself, the mind will stop expecting it, it will stop looking for the need.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)


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