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“Sometimes unexpected people come forward to help.”

“Sometimes unexpected people come forward to help.”

Madhushree Deshpande Ganu

“हीच आमुची प्रार्थना अन हेच आमुचे मागणे माणसाने माणसाशी माणसासम वागणे.”

We have heard this prayer many times. At times we should run to help each other, this is true humanity. Helping a friend or a stranger at the right time in a difficult situation is humanity. Everyone has received this unexpected helping hand at one time or another. But have we also given such an unexpected helping hand to anyone?? Everyone should think about this too.

Every person has a circle of people he likes. Then there are many family members, relatives, friends, associates. Most of the time when we need people, family, relatives they live distant from us. Therefore, only unknown people around us come to our help. And we can make that difficult situation easy.

A helper forgets after helping. But we remember the help of time in that difficult situation throughout our life. No, it should be kept. Sometimes we don’t even know that person. The name of the village is unknown. But one thing is true, the help received at the right moment should never be forgotten. Every person should always be grateful for this help throughout his life.

Many natural calamities, floods, landslides, storms, man-made calamities, bomb blasts, accidents, countless, anonymous helping hands come forward. Which are never even recorded. Still, the importance of such unexpected help remains intact.

Many times we suffer from anxiety and stress. Can’t find a way even after thinking a lot. It is not advisable to talk about it with family and relatives. Help is expected from these people, but it is not sure that it will be received. I don’t believe that family will understand us without giving any judgement. In such a case, we can relieve stress by talking to a friend/girlfriend. A friend can understand you without expressing any preconceived opinion. She can perceive your problem from a different, third-party perspective. She can suggest the right way for it. Therefore, the need for counselors is the greatest today.

I want to share my own experience. When I was going through a very difficult time in my life, one sad evening a grown woman came to me. I don’t know what she believed about me. But she wanted to talk to me. She had no will to live. She told me, “I feel like committing suicide” Then I explained her a lot. I tried to understand her as much as I could even though I was going through a bad mood myself. Without displaying any opinion, I told how important it is to live.

I firmly told her that she would not commit suicide under any circumstances. But she listened to what I said with all my heart. After that she started living with new hope. The happiness that she was not getting in her family, she got now. Four years have passed since this incident. Now that woman hugs me every time she meets me. And says, “Because of you I see this happiness today. Because of you I live happily.” Actually she didn’t know me at all. She is obviously grateful to me. But the satisfaction I get from seeing her is something else.

Any question, problem is solved by talking. So I always say find at least one person in your life to whom you can tell absolutely everything. Who will listen to you properly. He will show you the right path without blaming you. At least the stress on your mind will be relieved by talking. Sometimes it is not possible to tell everything to your loved ones, family members. At such a time, such a friend is definitely needed.

A man said that when there is a relationship, expectations also come. Every relationship has its own needs, importance and expectations. But often we don’t get the help we need from the expected relationships. Whether it is blood relation or friendship does not always help. Your expectations will not be fulfilled. In that case, someone unexpected easily helps.

God is not visible to anyone. But everyone meets the Lord as such a helper. You too can be someone’s Lord. You just need to wake up your mind. Willingness to help. We have to give to this society. And preserving humanity is most important. Always keep in mind the mantra “treat man as man”. And be ready to help..

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)


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