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Home » Some people look happy, but they don’t feel happy inside.

Some people look happy, but they don’t feel happy inside.

Some people look happy, but they don’t feel happy inside.

Harshada Pimple

“Trisha looked so happy that you don’t need to ask anything. How much she was smiling that day. And how much she chatted. Ohh no! I was tired of listening to her chatter. Oh man and how did she look so happy? I mean, I wouldn’t be so happy either. .My mouth falls at least 10 times a day. I can’t even say one inside and one outside. God only knows which group Trisha falls into.” Latika said to Raghav.

“Oh, it’s really not what you think. Trisha can’t be so happy. She always smiles on the surface. Although she’s tender at heart, she’s strong inside. She never likes to share her sorrows with anyone. There’s always something going on in her house. Problems are going on. And she doesn’t have any freedom at all. She can’t take any decision. And despite everything, she is always being talked about at home. But she never tells anyone. She may be crying at home so she may come out and smile. Maybe! But it is good that she is smiling. We should be satisfied that she is smiling, whether it is a lie or not.” Raghav said to Latika.

Raghav and Latika were talking about their friend named Trisha. Trisha is a very intelligent and talented girl. She always strives to make everyone better. She always tried to make everyone happy and happy. But when it comes to herself, she used to be crazy. She cared about herself last. She had a habit of hiding her crying somewhere so that no one would suffer because of her.

She thought no one knew anything. But she had some close friends who knew everything about Trisha. And so later on they tried to understand Trisha a lot. They removed her mask of false happiness slowly. Realized how important it is to be happy from within.

She noticed but what about you?

So friends, who doesn’t like to be happy?

Actually the question is simple! Everyone likes to be happy. Who would like to sit with a sad face all day? Actually no one. But there are some faces around us who are only smiling on the surface. But inside, they are literally crying. These people who are happy on the outside do not feel that they are happy inside. Really, how hard people try to hide their sadness!

Some people never share their sorrows. And don’t even like it. Maybe these people should keep their own sorrows in their minds forever so that the environment around them doesn’t become dull and muddy. It’s not so easy to live with everything in mind. How can they store sorrows in their hearts and live freely and happily? They don’t even have a simple look of despair and sadness on their faces. How can we know whether these people are happy or sad?

The fact that everyone who comes and goes smiles does not mean that everyone is happy. Some of them are just smiling on the surface. There are some people who are truly happy inside and out. Otherwise, there are many people who wear a fake mask of being happy. Nowadays, people try their best to pretend to the world. There are some who smile on the surface, not to pretend to the world, but to prevent the darkness of despair and discouragement from spreading in the world.

But what is going to happen with being so happy? nothing There is no point in living happy on the surface. If you want to be happy, you need to be happy from within. Because being happy is basically related to your mental and physical health. And if we ourselves are not happy, our mental and physical health can definitely suffer.

Being happy from the heart, from within, can give new meaning to your life. Being happy should be our nature. And sometimes the other person feels it. That’s why everyone should always try to be genuinely happy. happy, and teach others to be happy too.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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