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Some effective solutions to make a bad mood better…!!

Some effective solutions to make a bad mood better…!!

Aparna Kulkarni

Our mood is very fast changing thing. sometimes the day starts with a fresh start, yet something happens and our mood is ruined. An event,someone’s talk, a memory causes our mood to deteriorate and if none of these things happen,we start to feel depressed. Don’t understand why this happens, In fact sometimes, without any reason we are sitting like this with a frown mood.

Now you can’t stay fresh and in a great mood for 12 hours a day. As soon as there is busyness, rush and stress of daily work, it is visible somewhere on our face and then its effect is seen on our mood but still If you take some special solutions your mood can stay fresh throughout the day for what to do,let’s see….

➡️ To keep your mood fresh throughout the day, you should start the day fresh and for that, wake up early in the morning and walk in the open and clean environment,do yoga, meditation, walk on the green grass.

➡️ Learn to ignore.
You may not get along with everyone in your household. If the people in your household are not used to turning of the alarm early, waking up early or not getting things done quickly, you become irritated and your mood is not only bad but your whole day is bad. so learn to ignore everyone’s bad habits.

➡️ Always learn to think positively. always give instructions to yourself. i.e.your own mind which will not make you angry such as,

-I have control my anger.
-My mood will be good in whole day.
-Today has been an unforgettable day for me.

Keep instructing yourself in this way so that your mind will work on it.

➡️ Listen to relaxing music everyday.

➡️ Find out the exact reason behind the bad mood and deal with it. so if you are in a bad mood because of a quarrel with someone close to you. go and talk that person.settle your arguments.

➡️ Do things which you love.
Take a long drive,eat a favourite food, go for a walk,chat with someone close to you, go for shopping, watch a movie,dance. In short,do anything that makes you happy and puts you in a good mood.

➡️ Always be with positive people and keep your company good. sometimes what happens is that we are in a very good mood, but if the people around us are negative and they constantly telling about there sorrows, then our mood cannot be good. because the surrounding environment affects our mind so always surround yourself by happy,positive people and keep good company.

➡️ Express the confusion going on in the mind by talking to a suitable person or write it down because we don’t always find the right person.

➡️ Make it a habit to write down the good events of the day every night before going to sleep that means we have to get use to good i.e. positive thinking.

➡️ Watch inspirational videos before bedtime everyday or listen soothing and relaxing music.

➡️ Read good books for at least half an hour everyday online or offline. but these books should be given new meaning to life and inspiration i.e. confidence,boosters, life lessons that means the mind will start working with new hope.

✨ Success is in your hands
✨ Secret
✨ Wapurza
✨ Books by Sudha Murthy
✨ Books by successful enterpreneurs
✨ Abdul Kalam’s journey
✨ Ratan Tata’s journey

Some books that will change your life.

➡️ Accept the situation as it is. life means struggle, ups and downs, Joys and sorrows. There must be struggles. They give new meaning to life, so instead of getting tired of whatever happens learn to accept as it is and be content. That means the mood will not be spoiled by small things.

➡️ Learn to always smile and be happy, everything should feel good.

Doing this things will help to improve your mood.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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