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Recognize that you are living with people who create tension.

Recognize that you are living with people who create tension.

Harshada Pimple

Tension is a part of life. Every person has tension. Someone takes a lot of tension with a smile. There is no person who does not have tension. But some people are giving too much tension. Sometimes unknowingly this tension is also created by the people around us. But we do not know who these people are. So some things to recognize are as follows—–

1)Negative thinking patterns –

Basically a person does not think negatively every day. Sometimes there are some events in his life that make him start thinking a little negatively. At the time of failure, depression, or other bad events, a person’s heart is deeply saddened. At that time, a person forgets about happiness, satisfaction. Many times, he also forgets hunger. And All this happens without doubt to a certain extent. But there are some people around who constantly think negatively. No matter what is done, such people are always the first to ring the bell of rejection. Creates a situation.

2) To demotivate –

A person does not usually see someone’s progress, someone’s happiness. No matter how good or bad things are going on, some people are not ready to see the happiness of others. Such people constantly try to pull others. These people often do not even say that there is happiness in life. On the contrary, life They are constantly talking about how negative everything is, how meaningless everything is in life. Instead of motivating someone, they are constantly demotivating.

3) Being permanently stuck in one place –

Every human being has a past, present and future. Everyone has their share of good and bad days. The difference is that everyone’s time is different. Not everyone has a good past. Many times there are many bad events. Admittedly, it takes time for a person to recover from an event. A person does not get out of that situation easily. Of course, some people do not ‘move on’. They stay stuck in one place forever. They don’t think that there is any future ahead.

4) Getting lost in worry (of the future)-

Man strives to make his future beautiful in the present. He pursues the future with tireless work. He does not waver even in failure. Again and again it arises but some people have a habit of constantly worrying about the future. There is nothing wrong with that. But beyond a certain limit, what is the real meaning of a person if he spends the entire present worrying about the future? Often due to their nature, the physical and mental balance collapses.

5) Being constantly confused-

Every person’s nature is not the same. Some people take care of their own affairs in a calm and orderly manner. And if they can’t, they learn how to do it. But some people are constantly confused. They are never firm about everything. They are constantly stuck in a state of confusion. They often do not realize that things can go wrong by being hasty and confused.

Generally there are some things that can create tension among people. So everyone should try to be around positive people as much as possible. And we should also motivate people with negative thinking patterns. Only then we can stay away from tension etc. at least a little bit. play be a stress free life.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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