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Read this article and come out from depression!!!

Read this article and come out from depression!!!

Kavya Dhananjay Gagangras


Everyone’s life has ups and downs. Just as nature sometimes cools us by bringing rain and warm us by bringing heat, our life used to show us this play of sun and shade. Our survival depends on how we hold on to it. but this is not possible for everyone. Obstacles in personal life, trouble at work, health complaints are many things that make a person depressed and hopeless. At some point depression starts when we do not get the success we want despite our continuous efforts. Along with his efforts, a person also wants to get the support of his close people or others which is often not available.

When we are tired of trying, the situation is not to our liking, and when a feeling of loneliness sets in, a person feels depressed. In this feeling, a person begins to see himself, others and the future/situation in a negative light. That is, what if I don’t get anything, other people can’t help me, and nothing good will happen in the future.

A ray of hope, no matter how small, which is needed to live life, is lost in this. Because there is no such place. Even the things that used to bring joy in our life do not bring anymore. All feel depressed. Now this feeling of depression happens to everyone at one time in life. It is the reaction in that situation. But that is not the problem. At other times this melancholy does not last. After some time it subsides and we also become normal. But this is not the case with a depressed person. It seems that this situation imposed on us will never be fixed. This is overgeneralization. This bad period will remain and so he remains depressed.

A depressed person is lonely in spite of everyone. It has an internal struggle which takes extreme steps when it cannot be tackle after a certain limit.

Depression is at the root of many people who commit suicide. Only when there is no hope from anyone, we feel like ending our lives. So it is very important to come out of depression on time and start a new life.

The first thing to do for this is to believe in yourself, in your own abilities. Now we may have made some mistakes but we have done many things right. we have fulfilled our responsibility in different roles, as a parent, as a son/daughter, as a student, whatever roles we have in our life, we have fulfilled them well. In fact, whatever mistakes we have made now, we may have corrected them at some point. Remember that time. We cannot do anything until we accept ourselves. So if you want to come out of depression, first accept yourself, believe that you can do something.

What applies to self also applies to others. It is not logical for us to have no hope from others on the basis of one incident. It often happened that we got help from people. It is still available now. Can definitely get it. We should take initiative for that. Because we cannot solve our problems alone every time. We also have some limitations. Talk to a good counselor or therapist about whatever is bothering you in time, rather than assuming that I can heal on my own. Get the right help. Also, spend time with family members, friends, share things without isolating yourself.

In earlier times, the amount of mental problems now was rared. Even if it felt like it, there were many people in the house with whom all this could be discussed. There was free communication. There is no such family system anymore. Communication is getting lost somewhere which is much needed. The feeling that you are not alone, that someone is with you, gives us a lot.

Most importantly, no situation lasts forever. As there is a sunset, there is also a sunrise. We must tell ourselves this. And must start anew. For that you have to do daily exercise, walk in the open air, change your thoughts, take up hobbies.

And we have to keep on track what we want to achieve and move towards it. Life used to give us many opportunities. We have to choose them and move forward.

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