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Home » People who always misunderstand us those make us strong..!!

People who always misunderstand us those make us strong..!!

People who always misunderstand us those make us strong..!!

Harshada Pimpale

Example – 1)

Sneha was good and clever girl. She was also good by her behaviour.she was studying in the final year in her college. The financial situation of her house was so desperate. She got admission in a good college with less money due to good marks. Sneha had come to the city from her village. She had spent 3 years in the City. But in the beginning she had a lots of trouble.being from the village,she was often teased in the class.

Being from the village, she was looked up like she knows nothing. There was a young students in her class who called themselves #Hi-fi who always treated her as a secondary because she couldn’t speak properly as she was from the village and had nothing to do with English . She was troubled by this things at first but later she got courage.

Sneha,who was tender in heart, now becomes strong. Sneha, who used to think a lot about other people’s words, now learn to ignore them and at the same time she learned to answer the questions. A toughness was newly created in her. In fact,this change happened in her because of the environment around her.she had become somewhat stiff.

Example no. – 2)

Rohan was very much interested in business. he did not wish to do job at all. Family members always talk him with harsh words. Sometimes,there is a money problem at home. His elder brother talk him like do a job here,do a job there. However,Rohan founded job in a school.he starts to teach children from 1st to 5th grade. He starts to receive 12000 rupees every month.

But the family was not at all happy with his job.even when Rohan is working his family misunderstand him by saying “you are wrong,you are wrong”and advises him to take a job in an IT company. Everyday there was a fight over this in the house. In fact, Rohan was literally annoyed. But because of this Rohan was getting stronger day by day. The strength to accept challenges was emerging in him.

See, here are some examples.

But there are also many people around us who always misunderstand us. whatever we do,they think it is completely wrong or consistently make mistakes in everything we do. They don’t accept that the other person can be right but only we can understand the state of our mind in that case.

The feeling that constantly misunderstands us is often unbearable. sometimes,even a little confidence starts to decrease. but because this happens repeatedly, our minds get attached to this habit. And only then we become strong in the mind. Our tolerance starts to increase.We gradually become aware of how something affects our mind.

The lost confidence is once again created newly. each and every challenge in life give us the strength to face if someone is constantly telling you that you are wrong. Don’t think about it too much. Learn to ignore it from time to time.people who make mistakes will always make mistakes. It is necessary to have such a people in life. It is because of such a people, we learn to be strong.

Sometimes we feel very bad for their behaviour we get very angry. sometimes it is unbearable but the important thing is that we learn something from all this.

So, if someone constantly misunderstands you, don’t worry.There is no problem.such people are actually responsible for our strength.sometimes this people are the cause of our strength. we become aware newly.

Life is beautiful…. Be strong,be determined…!!

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