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No single thing can make a person happy throughout his life!!!

No single thing can make a person happy throughout his life!!!

Kavya Dhananjay Gagangras


Man is never happy. Perhaps his definition of happiness changes at every stage of life and hence he is in search of new happiness.

So what exactly this happiness is ? Joy, satisfaction, gratitude, contentment. A feeling of positivity. Now this happiness can be different for everyone.

Someone’s happiness is in helping others, other one’s happiness is in money, man is happy in the marriage or happy even being alone. That is, happiness varies according to the individual, according to his nature. But our happiness in this moment can satisfy us for the rest of our lives? Let’s see.

Pradeep grew up in a normal family. There is not much wealth in the house. But all were together. were with each other. In his childhood, they all lived together, supported each other in good and bad situations, even small things like mother letting him play more, giving money for food, new clothes for festivals, toys were all things that made him happy.

As he grew up in education, spending more time with friends, going to pictures, getting good marks in exams, being praised by teachers all started to give him satisfaction. He was brilliant in studies. It gave him an opportunity to learn more in a better place. Which was beneficial for him to get a job. After completing his education, he got a good paying job. Now here again the same happiness has changed.

Now he likes to help his parents from his salary, take them for walks, fulfill his hobbies and also help a needy person once in a while. Married after a few years, pradeep was now also promoted at work. So the salary was good. While Pradeep did not experience much poverty as a child, he did not experience much affluence. So now he started thinking about how he can earn more money by working as much as he can to bring more wealth to the house. He took such hardship too. But while doing all this, he often could not give time to his family, wife and children.

Not that he was doing it on purpose. But this time he felt that he can live a happier and more satisfied life by earning money. For that he used to do this. If anyone ever complains, “I am not doing this for myself. Doing it for the happiness of all of us.”

Many years passed like this. He earned a lot of money. Everyone was happy too. But now the child has grown up. They left because of their education and work. Pradeep had also retired now. He and his wife at home. His wife were alone at home for many years, so she pursued some hobbies. Now she was also free from all her responsibilities, used to go out and do all the things.

So now Pradeep was alone in the house. A single daily routine. Now there was money in hand. Everyone in the house was happy. A few years ago, in fact, for a few days, all these things gave Pradeep pleasure. But now since he has retired, he is no longer happy. Because he was now need his own people, to spend time with them. He felt real happiness in it.

During initial time he worked a lot, he didn’t get to spend much time with the people at home, he never involve much in their happiness and he didn’t even feel it at the time. Because his happiness was in other things at that time. But that was not the case now.

Now he felt more happiness in his people. He felt that staying with them, chatting, relaxing, going for a walk would bring more happiness. So he started staying with the children for some days. He also started going for walks with his wife, chatting at home, inviting his old friends to his home. Of course, even though these things seemed to him happy now, they could have changed even at the last moment of his life. But even now, these things gave him pleasure.

What do you understand from this? That is, no single thing can make a person happy throughout his life. The things that are making us happy now, those things that are giving us happiness and satisfaction will not be necessary until the end. According to age, according to experience, according to the situation, our happiness changes.

Accordingly we keep doing something or the other. strives for happiness. Now there may be progress in acquiring these new pleasures. Because if we start to be happy with the same things, we will not struggle to do something new, we will not try. but it has other side too, it can also cause damage. What is can be?

So looking for new happiness by turning a blind eye to the present happiness cause damage. So one should be able to maintain a balance between the two things without doing so. Even though our happiness may not last forever, we should enjoy it in this moment and find new happiness. That life will be really happy.

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