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Never worry about them, whose beliefs change with time.

Never worry about them, whose beliefs change with time.

Mayuri Mahajan

In fact, as a human being, caring for a human being is emotional, a human being always cares about his human being, so it makes sense to be a human being, because of that…

Every man cares for his man, even if he is a fanatic, but when he sees someone in pain, when he sees him suffering a lot, he gets worried, because we are a human being, an animal, whether it is an animal, if one sees a person going through a crisis with a lot of life, then We must have experienced in many cases that life becomes miserable, and we start worrying unconsciously.

But often the care we do is in vain, because we often give help without asking for help, or those we care about do not value it in the minds of some people, when they put something in their heads, they become distrustful of others. They see the world through the lens of their own experience, their view is never formed, and even that belief changes over time.

On the strength of faith which the world runs on, finding a man of faith in today’s world is like finding a needle in the dark, because everything in the world is available immediately, but faith can be gained only after passing some tests, because the life of blind faith with eyes closed is very rare these days. Gets, because one realizes that the time-shifting person, whether it’s yours or someone else’s, was bound to your time and not to you.

*”Where is the man who changes the time?”*
*And when you change the time again, how is it, the man?*

Don’t worry about those whose faith changes with time, because people who are weak in faith, they will have some motive to worry about them, they can also easily suspect the other person, such concern is an opportunity that we have given to them. The thorns that we have to tread, tread carefully for ourselves, so that we do not raise an alarm bell for ourselves by worrying unnecessarily.

Because such people can often take advantage of our weakness, and they can go to any level for their benefit, sometimes it is expressed through care to show our love for someone, because we care about them, we need their trust in us, not changing with time,

Sunil says to Madhura, Oh I have a lot of faith in you, but I was disturbed by what I heard, I didn’t think you would repay the trust I put in you like this, I gave you complete freedom, does it mean you will do anything??!!

Madhura says – Sunil, do you know what you are talking about, let me go….don’t you tell the story of the teller, but you didn’t even feel the need to ask a word about the one you heard about, you are so trusting and close to that stranger. You turned out to be so distrustful of a person, I don’t want to explain my side, time will tell, yes and trust in you can change so much with time, never thought that….

And one opinion is enough because you know that the real bond of a relationship is trust, and if that trust is wavering with time, if there is no truth in it, then what is the further existence of such a relationship???

Who is in love and can’t believe, surely you will wake up to that faith after marriage, because people’s ploy to break you and lose you will come to fruition, because you turned out to be raw even on your ears, your changing faith with time may be someone’s way to bring you down,

If so, learn to see the world with your own faith. You will get all good and bad experiences…. But one thing you will learn to know people…..


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