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“Making women happy is also an art.”

“Making women happy is also an art.”

 Madhushree Deshpande Ganu

There has been so much written about women till today. Still, the attraction to the woman remains the same. I don’t think that the woman is fully understood yet! Now the woman has not shouldered the shoulder of the man but has gone ahead of him. In fact, nature has created men and women differently on physical, emotional, mental levels.

And yet they complement each other. No one is incomplete without the other. A woman is a mother. There is power. Shiva is not complete without Shakti. Although the purpose of this article is how to keep women happy, it is also about how to make men and the whole family happy.

First the most important point.. This article is not for those who think that women are a commodity, a maid, a foot vehicle and a woman only as a female and a person who gives a lamp to your family due to the wrong customs and rituals of the society. Today it is easy for a man of any age to ask a woman of any age “had dinner?” They ask that. This article is not for men with the extremely warped mindset that any woman is available anytime.

Basically, men and women mean only one relationship, one relationship, husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend. A woman is not only with her body but she also has a mind, emotions, independent intellectual. And she is an independent person.

Woman comes first in each of our lives as our “Birth Mother”. It is because of her that we see this world. And because of her we get many other relationships. Sister, aunt, grandmother, sister-in-law, friend, wife, daughter. How many relations of women!!! Every person, be it a woman or a man, from birth many women get their relationship only from their mother.

Keeping the many women who come into our lives happy is definitely an art. It is not at all that only men should cultivate this art. It is equally important for women to keep women happy. Basically, this article is not just about condemning men or teaching them wisdom. And it is not at all that all men are bad. Every man and woman should try to keep many male-female relationships in their lives happy. Because whether it’s blood relations or friends, this is what gives your life real meaning. You have a rightful family. There are people of kindness. Your sorrows and joys are companions of all. There are partners. Then if you keep them happy, you will also get that happiness!!

There is a natural difference in emotional expression in the psyche of men and women. This often leads to misunderstandings. Unable to communicate. But keeping women happy isn’t as hard as it seems!! It’s really that simple. Is it really difficult to keep your mother, sister, wife, daughter happy??

A woman is very conscious about her beauty. Normally “You look beautiful today or this saree, this color is revealing on you.” She was happy with this one sentence. And her whole day becomes happy. If Lakshmi of the house, wife, daughter, mother is happy, then the whole house is happy. And women long to hear such two words of appreciation and love. Admire her handiwork, her art! Try this for every female relationship in your life.

Physical, mental and emotional needs of women are different from men. Knowing this, the husband should treat her with understanding. Her wishes, her expectations should be taken care of. The relationship between husband and wife grows by caring and thinking about each other. It was a strong love.

It is a common belief that women love a lot of gifts. And he’s not entirely wrong either. But more than that, it really makes her happy that the man of her love loves her deeply, expresses it from time to time, cares for us, appreciates us.

Now, you say, isn’t it the duty of women to keep men happy? So of course it is. Men and women are equal as humans, as individuals!! Keeping each other happy is the essence of life. So to all my male and female friends, definitely try to master the art of making every woman in your life happy and your happiness will double for sure…..


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