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Home » Make a habit..No matter how many upheavals there are in life, but the smile on the face should not leave.

Make a habit..No matter how many upheavals there are in life, but the smile on the face should not leave.

Make a habit… No matter how many upheavals there are in life, but the smile on the face should not leave.

Harshada Pimple

Priya and Nilesh, who were in a relationship for eight years, broke up. Nilesh did a lot of things without thinking about himself to bring a smile on Priya’s face. He used to take some time off from work to visit her in Malad every week. Eight years is actually a long time. In these eight years Nilesh had changed himself a lot. He had made some changes in himself for Priya and because of Priya. But after eight years, Nilesh got a big shock. He comes to know that Priya is only using him and for the past eight years, Priya has only used him. One day Nilesh deliberately called Priya for help.

Finally he realizes that Priya used him only for money. Eight years who we were totally in love with should give us such a big shock…? In fact, Nilesh’s condition was very bad after all this. His smile, which was constantly on his face, had calmed down. He was in complete depression for two years. He was undergoing treatment. Even friends were not aware of Nilesh’s condition. With time, Nilesh was cured. He was deeply regretting those eight years of his life. Poor Nilesh looked really sad. Nilesh couldn’t rest because of the immense sadness that he literally wasted the last two years because of her.

It’s true he forgot to smile…but his friends brought back the smile on his face. They explained to Nilesh what a smile can and can’t do. Friends made him realize how much energy a smile can give us.

He laughed, learned to live again..!

“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.”

One smile really has so much power.Friends one smile can change your whole life.So smile should be your habit.Smiling can definitely be a good habit than other bad habits.We should adopt such good habits.Such a nice face If nature has given it to us, we should also keep it well..?

Make sure to think whether a pale face is beautiful or a smiling face is beautiful. A smiling face is really very beautiful. But our smile does not last for many years. At least twelve times a day, the smile on our face has disappeared somewhere.

It is embedded.

Friends, no matter what happens in life, we should not forget to smile. Because a smile really has a lot of power. A smile can make life more beautiful. Good and bad things happen in life. It is bound to happen today or tomorrow. But why do we forget to smile in this? ..?No matter how many upheavals happen in the world, our smile should be alive. Because of our smile, four people get rejuvenation. Four people get the strength to live. No matter how many troubles, no matter what happens, never let the smile on the face be lost.

Even if there is a breakup, a fight, something against your heart, keep smiling. Why should you lose your smile because of someone..? Learn to move forward by smiling. Only then will you move forward in life. Otherwise, if you keep crying, you will sit in one place with a sad face. So always smile. .A smile can certainly make your life, and that of others, beautiful.

And this smile has some benefits too!

such as,

*Decreasing stress.

* Getting positive energy.

*Helping to maintain proper physical and mental health.

*Attainment of spiritual peace.

* Creating a happy environment.

Many such benefits are possible with a smile. So don’t stop smiling in any situation. If you want peace and happiness in life, you must smile.

[Peace begins with a smile.” — Mother Teresa.]

So..Keep smiling!

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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