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Let’s give our good times to those who become our companions in bad times.

Let’s give our good times to those who become our companions in bad times.

Rohini Radhakisan

Our life is like connecting link between joy and sorrows. Sometimes there is happiness and sometimes there is sorrow. Sometimes it’s sunny and sometimes it’s shady. The only difference is who is with you in each situation. In every situation we know who is the companion of happ iness and who is the partner of sorrow.

We say that everyone is happy, no! Even in happiness there are many who do not see our happiness but they show that they are happy in their happiness by putting a smile on their face. And we are surrounded by many, who profess to be sad in sorrow, and laugh at our condition behind us. They mock us behind our backs.

For a long time there were those whom we never even knew. We call them strangers who have never seen or spoken to. Still they help us on occasion. And those who are close to us leave their hands after seeing our situation.

So now you tell me why should we give our good time to such people? Who left us to suffer. Didn’t think about it.

Then we get tired more than the situation. We start thinking about these people more than the trouble we are in. I did so much for them, supported them in their downfall. Supported them when no one stepped forward for them, I stood by them. And today I need, if I am in trouble, they leave me.

With these thoughts, instead of solving our problem, we start thinking about who is treating us. We lose our mental health and peace. And beset with even more difficulties.

Those people who chose us by looking at their time, we should also choose those people by taking time in our life, getting to know our strangers, so that we don’t have to face such situations.

Every person who claims is not yours. Every person is different. Some people’s behavior does not match their nature. The nature shows different but the behavior is different, the thought is different, the intention is different. We always hear but and say but “the world is deceived because it is not what it seems.” Right! And that’s where we get stuck. We make impressions about people in an encounter. That is called being judgmental.

In a meeting or a two-minute conversation with someone, you cannot know what that person is like, what their intentions are, or what their thoughts are. Someone met you and spoke a few words of love to you or praised you. It does not mean that the person is very nice or that they are well-wishers.

Help be it financial, psychological, emotional, social it is help when we are in trouble. At that time even a word of love is very precious for us. When no one is with us, the advice or guidance given by a new, unknown person is worth a million.

At that time we do not know whether it is wrong or right. And if in such a key who follows us. Gives proper guidance. It gives you the courage to believe in yourself. It gives a sense of a fresh start. So that person feels closer to you than you. At that time this person is God in human form for us.

There are many such people in our life who cannot be called at the time of happiness. And at times we get tired of making sounds but they have no place. They are only robbing us.

Others who may not be with us in happiness but stand by us in times of need. They guide you at the right time so that you don’t step on the wrong path.

It is our duty to be with them in their down time. Those who become your companions in your bad times are truly yours. And they own us, our success and our time.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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