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It will feel good only if the filled mind is freed.

It will feel good only if the filled mind is freed.

Rohini Radhakisan

Asmita, a college girl, lived next door to a grandmother. Amit,their son, he had shifted to America. It had been many years since my grandfather had passed away. Shobha granny was completely alone. Her son, Amit will call next week. But till then, grandma would eagerly wait for his call. Even after receiving the call, grandmother wanted to talk a lot, but Amit was in a hurry and hung up the phone. Did you get the money? How is your health? Do you take your medicine on time? I am fine, you take care! This was the only thing to be said.

But grandmother’s mind was not satisfied with this. Grandma wanted to talk more. Grandmothers thought that the child should know her heart, say two words of love. A lot of things were stored in the grandmother’s mind.

Shobha granny used to entertain the neighborhood children. Call them, chat with them, love them like grandchildren, feed them. That child also used to love her as a grandmother. There was also an Asmita in them. Grandmother used to care for her a lot. Grandma used to call her when she came from college. They used to cook new dishes for her and keep themselves occupied with such things.

But they felt very lonely. There was no one to talk to them, take care of them. And they constantly regretted it. Granny used to sit and look at old albums. To indulge in old memories.

One day Asmita came from college after a long time, it was evening but there was no sign of grandmother. He did not call Asmita today. Asmita thought. And she went to her grandmother’s house, the door was closed. She rang the doorbell. After a while grandma opened the door. Asmita bombarded granny with her questions. Grandma, what is it, you didn’t give me a voice? When did I come? You didn’t open the door? Grandma asked Asmita to come inside in a very deep voice. What if Asmita came in first, grandmother was looking at the album, of her son. And today they were reminiscing long ago.

Her mind was full. They show Asmita their son’s album and start reminiscing. Asmita was looking at them stunned. They told many things to Asmita and Asmita also silently listened to the contents of her grandmother’s mind without uttering a word. And the grandmother was moved to tears. They did not know when it was evening. However, this identity was very quiet.

Grandma said, ‘I have been telling you these things, but to tell you the truth, Asmita, my heart was very full and I wanted to say a lot. A lot of memories were stuck in my mind.

I felt my mind very heavy, as if it was a weight. I feel very free to talk with you today. Well let’s pour tea for you.’ Asmita hugged grandma tightly and said, Grandma I am your Asmita. From today you friends can share everything with me. Hearing this, seeing the smile on the grandmother’s face, Asmita’s heart became happy.

Many things are stored in our mind. There are sorrows. There are many emotions. There is anger towards someone. There are many misconceptions. But all these have filled their hearts. We are always projecting these feelings. Expressing these feelings, with your loved ones.

If we do not express our sorrow, pain, we remain stuck in it. 24 hours we stay stuck in the same thoughts. Unfortunately, love is such a thing that we cannot live without expressing our feelings to that person. No matter the situation. We can be free only if we express our feelings no matter what. Otherwise your mood will deteriorate.

When we are tired of something, when our mind cannot accept the situation, we need our people with whom we can release our full, tired mind, give it new hope. And only then we feel good.

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