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It was too late that I realized that my wife was the cause of my uneasiness.

It was too late that I realized that my wife was the cause of my uneasiness.

Aparna Kulkarni

Pratap went to his favorite place and sat peacefully. Today his mind was disturbed again. he came and sat on the hill with very quiet eyes closed. Pratap always used to come and sit here with Pramila. Both found peace here. So this hill was a favorite place for both of them. Pratap was remembering all the old moments today. He was getting more and more restless.

Pramila and Pratap had been married for a year. The marriage of both of them was performed in a formal manner according to the wishes of the family. Pratap was working as a manager in a big company while Pramila was working as an account. The world of both was going on happily. But Pratap was a bit inarticulate. He was not quick to express his feelings rather than being unexpressed and Pramila was quite the opposite. But this never caused any arguments between them. On the contrary, Pratap loved to hear her chatter. He always admired her quick wit.

Once Pramila had a quarrel with her mother-in-law at home. Her mother-in-law was a bit stingy and used to measure the ingredients while cooking at home. Pramila had to finish the housework and go to work, and their daily routine was unbearable for her sometimes. So once she said to mother-in-law Baina, from the money I earn, I will bring you used goods today. She was very angry and called Pratap and told the whole story. Pramila was very angry as Pratap took his mother’s side instead of supporting Pramila and left the office without taking the tiffin.

On that day, Pratap did not concentrate on any work and did not eat even though tiffin was in front of him. But he could not talk to Pramila about this matter. Such things used to happen frequently and now that Pramila had decided to ignore them, the mother-in-law would babble alone, but her babble had not subsided.

Once when Pratap was very ill, Pramila took leave and took care of him. But after all, Pramila was a human being. All the household chores and Pratap’s service used to exhaust her throughout the day. So once she was late in getting up, the mother-in-law spoke a lot about the same thing and Pratap sat watching, so Pramila got very angry with him.

She said I know she is your mother but you never say a single word to her and how can you see her calmly saying anything to hurt me whenever she feels like it. Don’t you love your wife like you love your mother?? At least when I am right, let’s calmly present my side to mother. That day also Pratap was very upset. He was ashamed of himself but still did not utter a word.

Twenty years of the world passed like this. She informed that Pramila will be late today but Pratap was waiting for her like crazy. Just then someone calls and tells that Pramila has met with an accident. The ground slides under Pratap’s feet and he rushes to the hospital. But unfortunately Pramila has breathed her last.

All the events flash past him and his eyes flash with tears. Pramila, how did you leave me half like this?? Living this life without you has become difficult. You were my breath and it’s gone. I loved you so much, I could never bear anything that happened to you. You gave me twenty years of your life. Sometimes crying, sometimes starving, sometimes happiness, you came to bear everything. Whenever you were in a lot of trouble, you used to express it in a loud voice but I, I could never say anything to you, Pramila.

But I am telling you today, Pramila, your mother was always talking to you and you were taking the trouble yourself, right?? Even more than that, Pramila was causing me trouble. At first I didn’t understand the reason, but I realized very late that it was you, Pramila, who was behind my restlessness. Pramila, you wanted to speak but stayed away, today you were supposed to hear this.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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