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Home » Is it true that people who get emotional quickly can’t maintain relationships?

Is it true that people who get emotional quickly can’t maintain relationships?

Is it true that people who get emotional quickly can’t maintain relationships?

Harshada Pimple

‘Emotionality’….basically a certain part of our life related to our mentality. Although a man is intelligent, he often thinks in emotional terms. Because man is as intelligent as he is also sensitive. Therefore, only people who get emotional easily maintain relationships. We cannot accept that it is not coming. Although it is true that there is often a fear of breaking the relationship in the course of emotions, this does not mean that such people cannot maintain a relationship at all.

Yes but it is equally true that a person should be emotional. Being emotional is not a bad thing at all. Being emotional is good. But one should not be overly emotional. Being overly emotional can sometimes be dangerous. If you are constantly getting emotional quickly while maintaining a relationship, it can definitely affect your relationship, and the rest of your relationship as well.

Relationships are a particular part of our life. There are many relationships. We often get tired while unraveling the various aspects of relationships. I don’t even know how many relationships to remember. Relationships are so much that sometimes we act as if we have a relationship even with a person who is not related. And then unconsciously we are bound in the same relationship. In this way one after another various relationships come in our life. But then can everyone maintain these relationships…? Also, is it true that people who get emotional quickly can’t maintain relationships?

So… maintaining a relationship is like handling a glass object. But a relationship is not any glass object at all. But they are like glass. Sometimes transparent…and sometimes cracked and broken in a moment. If they can be connected again, they can be connected. But sometimes these relationships also cause wounds. And then it is difficult to connect the same relationship again. Is it true that people who get emotional easily can’t maintain a relationship? Not at all. This is not true. Saying that people who get emotional quickly cannot maintain a relationship will not work.

Because here everyone has a separate life. And everyone has their own opinions. Similarly, everyone’s nature is also different. Some are very emotional and some are very practical. But it doesn’t mean that people who get emotional quickly can’t maintain relationships and people who are always practical can maintain relationships. A person who maintains relationships can be anyone. He can be emotional quickly or always practical. It can be. Basically, only the person who values ​​relationships, preserve relationships can maintain it. It is true that people who are emotional or get emotional quickly, things get touchy.

Compared to others, they are very sensitive. If someone says something, shouts, a smile flies on the face of these people. Some time they feel bad. But because someone behaves like this, it does not mean that such a person cannot maintain a relationship. Such people can also maintain a relationship. If they value relationships, have understanding, then those people prefer to maintain the relationship first. No one wants to break the relationship that was originally connected.

He is struggling to preserve the relationship in his own way. Many times the relationship is not preserved only because of ego. That is, if a person is emotional and also egoistic, he can definitely fall short in maintaining the relationship. In relationships, not only emotionality is important, but it is also important to be practical. At times, the balance of both should be maintained. Only then, relationships can be preserved. It is always emotional and does not work and always practical and does not work.

So….Saving any relationship depends on us. How we handle each phase keeps the relationship alive.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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