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Home » Instead of disturbing in constant misery, be a reason for others to live.

Instead of disturbing in constant misery, be a reason for others to live.

Instead of disturbing in constant misery, be a reason for others to live.

Dipali mule.

(Image Consultant and Life Coach)

Priya is an educated housewife ….husband, two children, elder daughter-in-law living in a joint family with mother-in-law, father-in-law….Priya was married for twenty years. Priya’s husband was very worried. What exactly happened to Priya yesterday??? Today he decided to talk to Priya clearly. When Yash came home, Priya’s face was sad. After everyone was settled at night, Yash asked Priya, “Priya, I want to talk to you.” Priya reluctantly says yes.

Yash started talking quietly. “Priya, now you are very irritable, muttering all the time, depressed, what happened? What is the problem? I mean, your health is good, right? Is something bothering you?” Priya is upset to hear this. “See I don’t have any health problem and if you say irritation, there are many reasons for it…. Mother-in-law’s behavior is to add to it now, you are not paying attention at home, children are not listening to me. How can I do all this?” I only know what I endure… You will not know what kind of suffering I endure…”

Although the congregation seems to be sad on the surface, these are just plain complaints. Due to which, when things happen against our mind, we often think of them as sorrow and we lose the joy of living… Let’s see another example… Both Girish and Gopal are office colleagues and friends too….Girish’s big ancestral house is in the center of the city. At the place….wife, children, parents….everything seems to be fine but Girish is upset due to family quarrels….always sad and depressed….Gopal’s parents live in a small rented house in contrast to Girish. , wife, a daughter living happily together….struggle was also in their life….sadness…

But Gopal didn’t sit down with that sadness, on the contrary he was working for an organization for destitute children for free. His days were spent in managing the office work and watching the work of this organization. Girish used to share his sorrows among his friends.

Some people have a habit of dwelling on small disappointments for the rest of their lives. We cannot enjoy the good things that happen in the present and let others enjoy them because of suffering. Alternatively, we indirectly hurt others and spread negativity. Over time, other churches start avoiding such people. They talk about their suffering. Due to this, the work of that person is also affected and their status deteriorates.

Friends, it is the law of creation that whatever you give to others or nature, nature gives back to you in double. Then because we are always wallowing in suffering, we give negativity and suffering to others and ourselves, then that suffering, that negativity increases again and comes back to us. Rather, if we can give some happiness and positivity to others by accepting this suffering, then this same happiness will return to us. So if we can be someone’s reason for living instead of sitting in the same misery…..

Friends, parents give birth to a person, but the person who helps us to come out of the struggles and sufferings we face in life becomes very important for us. And happiness will give new energy to live life. Today if there is no such person by our side, there is no problem, no sorrow, but if we keep seeing that sorrow, isn’t it difficult to live ??? Then what can we do ???

Your mind will be able to indulge in different talents and hobbies, in which creativity will be created and you will get the joy of innovation. How many areas are there around where we can work eg.. teaching orphans, teaching self reliance to needy people, taking care of nature, making new generation cultured etc. We can still work in many areas.

We can become someone’s reason for living by contributing in education sector, art sector, cultural sector, research sector, service sector, etc. It can be useful in someone’s life. Some things in life should be done for happiness and satisfaction without counting everything in money. If the congregation does this, there is no doubt that we will get new energy and enthusiasm for living. What are you saying!! Definitely give it a try and let us know what your experience was!!!

Thank you!!!!

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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