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Identify the things that make you sad.

Identify the things that make you sad.

Harshada Pimple

Anu was dancing around the yard singing this song. Everyone could understand from her behavior that she was very happy about something. Seeing this, Abba said Anu baby what are you doing? “nothing yes Abba…that butterfly is tickling my hand and running away. So I’m very happy. I’m so much happy . Anu said.

In short, Abba knew that she was happy and also knew the reason behind that happiness.

Small and big things that make us happy are all around us. Even small children jump with joy.

Now, just as there are things that make us happy, there are also things that make us sad. Sometimes we don’t even understand what makes us happy. But often it is not recognized early. Or it also happens that we can recognize the things that make others sad but cannot recognize the things that make us sad.

So what are the things that make us sad? Let us see how to identify them.
[Sad things-not having enough money, breaking up with someone, things not going as planned or against plans, leaving someone, dying, things not getting sorted…etc etc.]

*If there is not enough money, many things go wrong. remain incomplete. And if things are left unfinished or messed up, the results are not very good. In short, financial
It doesn’t take long to feel sad when comes. So the financial crisis is one of the things that make us sad.

*If you don’t get a job like the mind…..the mind wanders less in work and more in the other direction.

*If there is a quarrel with someone, sometimes the relationship breaks and sometimes it lasts. Sometimes we cannot bear it. And the same quarrel often causes our sadness.

*If you make a mistake, your condition is not very good. What happens then…? We also feel sadness for a long time when we make a mistake. That means even a mistake can be the cause of our sadness.

* There are things in our life that remain the same for a long time. Those things are never sorted out. (Sometimes we don’t even try.) These unsorted things also disturb the mind.

* As much as it feels good when good people support you, you feel many times worse when they leave your support in bad times. This thing is like feeling sad.

*How many selfless feelings are left now…? A person does anything for selfishness. Of course, if someone is behaving selfishly with you, then you will understand… it will be sad.

There are so many things that make us sad. Even if we see a grandmother sitting quietly alone, our mind becomes restless. This restless mind also becomes the cause of our sadness. If you don’t study, the paper will be difficult, if the paper is difficult, you will get less marks…etc. We are going to suffer because of this.

You just have to decide how long you want to be sad. Think about whether you want to move on from the pain or just stay there. It is necessary. And see this pain as a part of life. Learn to accept it and move on.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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