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How to make effective communication??

How to make effective communication??

Kavya Gagangras


We are dealing with many people. We play different relationships. Either they will be close, formal, friendly. People are different, their nature is different. Not necessary, everyone will act according to what we want. In a big company, it is a responsibility to take care of the employees, to get the work done properly from them. Which need the right skills.

No matter how much we wish, we cannot control anyone. We have to influence them. For which you need to use some skills, you need to use some strategy. We are often freed by simply saying in one word that the other person should act like this, not act like that.

But there is a difference between just talking and communicating. Communication has to be on both sides. Likewise, it is a skill. If your conversation, your communication is effective, it is more likely to affect the other person.

Therefore, some methods have to be used while communicating. Of course, this cannot be done in one day. The more one’s practices his behavior, the better he gets. One such method can be used to communicate well, to bring about some change in the other person.

“Change talk” is a method in motivational interviewing. Motivation means inspiration. The energy, the driving force which make a person to do something. Now we have to motivate the other person to change something in it, to make it happen. For that, we have to talk like that.
That talk means “change talk”. Talk for change.

What we do, we talk to the extent that what will be the benefits if the other person does that thing or what will be the disadvantages if not. This has been happening for the long years. This kind of talk is seen more and more between parents and their childrens.

E.g. If you study, you will get food, some gift and what if you don’t? great beat We’ve all been through it. But how effective is it? How long does it last even if it do something? So we should change our speech. So this change talk. These talks were beyond advantage and disadvantage. It has some steps.

• Disadvantages of status quo
• Advantages of status quo
• Ability to change
• Intention to change

The intention to change and the ability to do are very important. Every person has these. We have to show them through words.

E.g. A mother is asking her child to put the toys neatly in one box, but she should say something like this without yelling at him. Vinay, you sat playing in the hall today, you did well. You also want to not lose your toys (intention). How carefully you have used them (ability). But will you keep your toys neatly in one box as you now sit here and play in one place? That means they will be safe (advantage). They will not lose (disadvantage) and you get to play again next time.

By talking to the other person in such a way, by showing them that he has the ability to change and that he also has good intentions.
And realizing that we can do something is a big factor in being motivated.

So, let’s talk by changing the talk!!!

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