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Home » How to create well social health..??

How to create well social health..??

How to create well social health..??

Gayatri Kawade

(Science Student)

“As free as butterfly”🦋

Health involves physical, mental and social well being. Here, we also have to maintain our social health while living life. we just protect ourselves from all sides including social health. social health is important to keep your mind fresh, free and stressless. It is also important part of our healthy life.

How we interreact with our community? How we behave with people surrounded us ? How we keep contact with our society? It’s all involved in our social health if we want to be a well human being. first, we have to behave well with our society because any person will know his personality by surrounded people and that is the reason of understanding,”how well we are?” Social health also show effects on our happiness because if our social health is good then we cannot be the victim of today’s problems i.e. annoyance, loneliness,tiredness worriness etc. Our good behaviour with people also can be the reason of help from them in our needy time.

so I want to share few things for creating well social health…!!

🎯 Always keep smile on your face.
You should have to always be happy, because people will react with you by seeing your face, feelings. so If smile is there on your face people also understand that this is the happy person.

🎯 Be in contact with your neighbours regularly.
Nowadays people only speak if you speak first or if you give value to them first.

🎯Behave friendly with unknown people.
In society, many people are unknown to us. for example-at school,at your job place, at any place sometimes you need any small help from unknown people then just smile and friendly ask to that people for your help. you will get good reply.

🎯 Make bonds with positive people.
Negative people will cause to destroy your mind. so always try to fill your surrounding by bonding with positive people.

🎯 Show your good personality in society.
Try to be good human being and try to make good personality because people will only attach you by seeing your behaviour or personality.

🎯 Do helps to people in their need.
Some people will remember your help which you did in their needy times, then they will absolutely help you in your needy time.

🎯 Don’t Misbehave in society.

🎯 Keep your companionship good.

🎯 Communicate freely with people.

🎯 Help people with freely mind.

If you follow this then you will absolutely able to create your well social health so live “As free as butterfly” with your society.

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