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“How do you achieve what people think you can’t do??”

“How do you achieve what people think you can’t do??”

Madhushree Deshpande Ganu

A boy is born in an educated, cultured family. Handicapped at birth. Deafness and foot defects also. Parents are shocked. How to raise such a child?? How will this happen?? Neighbors, relatives say whatever they want. Relatives almost break ties. Because of this child it is not possible to go anywhere. However, parents are very stubborn. They accept this challenge given to them by the Lord.

And by pouring body, mind and wealth, they tirelessly try to save that innocent soul, to give meaning to his life. He knows how hard it is to raise such a child.. physically, mentally, emotionally exhausting! The kids next door are making fun of each other. Names are kept. Still they don’t give up. People think that this child will not succeed. They educate the child till class 10th. He gets a permanent job.

Later, he got married and had a son. Socially this handicapped becomes financially capable, self-reliant and worldly. Living contentedly today. The mother father and son made this journey, which seemed impossible to people and society, possible and successful. We read and listen to the life journey of many successful and popular people. But this is an unusual true story of a common man.

Society rules are very cruel. Society always hits on your weak spot. Financial, physical, mental weakness is the subject of society’s ridicule. Gossip is a topic. But regardless of that, what people think you can’t achieve, the true essence of life is success. “The first step to achieving anything is not to let it affect your mind at all. What do people really think?”

This life is yours. Every moment of this life is completely your right, authority. Whether you succeed or fail, it doesn’t matter to the people who speak. Sometimes, no matter how successful you are, some people only call you names. So what will people say? Or say? There is no reason for this to be of any importance to you. Yes! Now you have to try and figure out how to achieve what you can’t.

Every person has a goal, a goal in life. Every person strives to achieve it. What will people say? If we think about this, how will we achieve our goal? and “What will people say?” There is no such thing. So let’s see what you can do to make things happen in your life.

1) Develop the right, nourishing attitude of your mind. Find people who inspire you. So it can be your parents, teachers, friends. Write down the qualities of that person. Write down how they overcame the difficulties. Read biographies of successful people.

2) Be confident in yourself. You should be clear about your goals. One should be able to recognize one’s own faults.

3) Break the mold society has created about you. Never be what people want you to be. You must find your true you. “Find your true self.”

4) Not all people around you will support you. Keep in mind in advance that there will be some resistance and discouragement. Stay away from negative people. People always express negative opinion about what they don’t know and can’t do themselves.

5) Make a plan considering Do’s and Don’t’s. It is important to determine what makes you happy. Set clear goals and time limits.

6) If you think that the goal is impossible, there will be difficulties in it. Nothing is easy. Be mentally prepared for basic constraints like money, time, fear.. Have a plan B ready. Planning of thoughts and flexible approach and strategy are required here.

7) Consider your time as your wealth. Therefore, consistency and tireless efforts are necessary. Make a schedule and follow it carefully.

8) Write down your daily progress. Write down daily practice, progress, small successes.

9) Keep motivating yourself. Strive to strengthen yourself mentally. Reward yourself for small successes. E.g. A chocolate. And punish yourself if something goes wrong. E.g. Not watching TV all day.

10) Be aware that your goal is difficult. On a practical and realistic level, it doesn’t necessarily happen as expected. One should be aware that failure will happen. It needs mental preparation.

11) Do all the above efforts wholeheartedly to fulfill your goals, objectives. But this is a journey, enjoy every moment of it. Live the present moment to the fullest.

12) Try again and again. Don’t give up even if you don’t get success. Do not deviate from the goal. “The Lord of Effort.”

Try your best to fulfill the goals and objectives that you have set for your happy, successful life. Just because people say you can’t do it, don’t do it at all. So identify your own qualification, aptitude, mental, physical, financial ability and set a goal. Reach the main goal with smaller goals. Just try with full faith in yourself, focus on yourself. Then success is only and only yours. And this will be the cause of your happiness and satisfaction.. not people’s…

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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