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Gayatri Kawade

(Science Student)

Some students think like study is complicated thing. Now this hour ,every teenager was facing too much problems related to distraction and that can cause to disturbing in studies and also in real life.but in future only study and your hardwork will help you to become a good human being.

Every student at this age get disturbed in too much things. They try to behave like according to their friends. New styles, new things and many more they start to add in their life. Because of this online education many students got mobile-phones at their small ages and instead of study they attracted more towards social media and that’s why they disturb in their study routine.

Distraction can cause to destroy your good flowing life. It can harm your attention towards studies. but trust me in future that all things can’t give you happy and comfortable life. At your 25th age you can’t live on your father’s money or anyone’s. You just need your own power. so try to create independent life and do hard work,hard studies for it. And always notice that it’s your age in that, you have to perform your role in studies. You should also enjoy but with some limits.

Here are some tips which can help you to attract more towards studies.

🔸 First fix your aim/goal and only focus on it.

🔸 Try to see inspirational videos frequently.

🔸 Make your surrounding by brilliant and positive friends.

🔸 Make sure that you have to perform student’s role.

🔸 Eat healthy,do exercise.

🔸 Make companionship with your books.

🔸 Always be in competition with your brilliant friends.

🔸 Make tasks for daily routines -for exa. Today I have to complete this lesson with well understanding.

🔸 Read ideal people’s books- for ex. Dr.BR Ambedkar,Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam,Malala etc.

🔸 Play at least 1 hour on garden outside from home. because playing can refresh your mind.

🔸 Everyday you should have to study at least 6 hours at any condition.

🔸 Don’t think like study is complicated just freely accept it and think like you can do it easily.

And one thing if your mind do not attracted towards any other thing then you cannot have to face problems related to studies. Think like you have to live independent life. At small cases there will be your parents, friends or relatives, but your responsibility is your own.That’s why you have to do hard work now then absolutely you can able to live free life. In future study can give you well profession. so don’t leave it. Don’t distracted from it. Just do it,do it…!!

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