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Get serious now..!! Because nobody cares about your personal life.

Get serious now..!! Because nobody cares about your personal life.

Sonali J.

Currently, social media is a place for everyone to express their feelings good and bad mood or should we say platform.

See, you send messages according to the mood you are in when you are happy you send Happy messages when you are in a sad mood you send something like crying, shayari. sometimes you believe in god when you don’t get success after doing everything then God will make some way so you send something from God.

Success and failure are not in our hands but hard work, effort, learning new things, developing skills are always in our hands.

If you fail a semester while in college, what do you think your friends will say,now? What will relative say? Will we stay behind friends? By thinking like this we are very disappointed. Start to avoid mixing with them because they will say something, starts becoming introverted.but be serious now!! Because no one owes you anything about your personal life. Whether you pass,fail,come in the top five nobody owes you anything because everyone is busy in their own life. even if they have problems ahead of them or even happy things they don’t care about other people’s lives when they are on their own.

Priya is a cultured girl from a good family, brilliant in studies. she always take ranks first or second. There was a competition of first or second rank in between her and Mihir from school they were together, in college they together. Both decided to took admission. Always live together with helping each other in studies and other activities, both go everywhere together for shopping or in canteen. There was a different attachment between them. as the both get closer, it went a little further than love or friendship.The cast of both was different. In the beginning there was a rejection from both houses but later there was yes from both houses but both were more focus on studies first, education ,good job and then marriage was fixed goal.

Both Priya and Mihir where educated. This time Priya came first Mihir second.They got jobs immediately.but they were in two different companies and then they both caught up in work. It was definitely decided that Mihir will go abroad for the company.The house was insisting to get married. Priya and you will stay together don’t worry about that. But Mihir said no. Let it settle down for a while then get married. video calls which were regular in the beginning started to decrease gradually. Mihir was always busy with only his work. he never called her and he also don’t receive Priya’s calls. slowly the messages were not there. Their conversation was decreased.

Once finally Priya did messages to Mihir that she had something important to talk about and she said do call or message and talk with me when you have time. finally after two days Mihir send a message then Priya called. Priya really loved him very much. she asks him why are you avoiding me? Priya brought the topic that we want to get married, when? now I can’t be alone without you. but Mihir absolutely refuse the marriage. Priya explain a lot. don’t do that little-big memories from school till now, things done together, achievements achieved by each other, companionship, memories in love, taking care of each other,sharing small things are accounting all the memories of being drenched together in the rain and hugging each other again and again did not make any difference to Mihir. he refused to marry.because now he just want to have a career.

Priya was very disappointed, totally heart broken. Her parents could not see to her being so depressed. They decided to meet mihir’s parents. They met and wishes that mihir and Priya get married as soon as possible. They said Mihir took the decision, so his decision is right.

Finally Priya’s parents told Mihir’s parents that the children where together from the beginning studying, caring for each other, going out together, believing in them. we had give consent to them.

Marriage was sure to happen. but After few days this love went to next step. mind,emotion and body come together. It was actually happy news for Priya and Mihir that they will become parents, but this before marriage. but suddenly Mihir refused to marriage. Priya gave him the idea of this,but he said no… on the contrary he said if she does not want a child then do an abortion.

But Priya has decided to give birth to the baby. so she told Mihir’s parents to understand him.but instead they started blaming Priya. she didn’t understand that she was a woman and how could she behave like this. It was her fault. There was nothing we can do now and we cannot accept that child as a grandchild because our relatives, society what will say to us? So Mihir says is correct.

Priya brought mother and father. now don’t ask anyone for this kind of begging, she said. I have decided to give birth to the baby. Mother and father where scared. Priya says,I will not think about what they will say. Priya gave birth to a cute baby. for four days relatives and friends whispered something. afterwards, it was not Owed to anyone but when Mihir saw the pictures of Priya and the baby, he was not stayed. he return from abroad and duly married Priya. when the people realise this, it was nothing to do with the people.

That’s why it’s says be serious now..!! because nobody cares about your personal life. but we are always thinking about others what people will say. It was decided from the beginning that our Son should become an engineer but we were telling everyone he should become an engineer, even if he got low marks. people forget this in a moment. If you make your child an engineer or a doctor, if he passes then cheers and if he fails then sorrows. that’s all, but they don’t matter or even if your son comes on a board they don’t care. but you are very happy and you give parties and gatherings to people. but they forget about it in after few days. because everyone is busy in their own life. everyone is struggling to survive today, job promotion, increasing competition, success or failure, occasional loan, our own fun everyone is busy in themselves. Who has time to think about you ? No,not at all…

So the only thing I can say is seriously, get serious now!! Because nobody cares about your personal life. What you do, how you live, how hungry you are, why you feast every day, how many houses you have, how much money, how much jewelry, or how big a post you are. Even if you are working for the country, people’s attitude is that they get a lot of money in it. But even if there is money, there is risk. And the purpose of national service. No one notices this. They don’t owe anything.

But what will people say about us, what will our relatives say if we behave like this, what will people think whether it is success or failure ..if we get success people will be happy ..they will share in our happiness ..or if we fail people will feel our sorrow It is hoped that they will comfort you. But nothing like that happens.. because people really don’t care about what you endured, how much you struggled. Even if the husband goes abroad, how will he fare there, from living, eating, getting a job, maintaining it, earning money from it, meeting the needs. Then earn more money and send home..Though a man thinks it is his duty to give his family a happy, satisfied and secure life, his family will not understand his struggle but will only enjoy how to live a comfortable and secure life with the money he sends. If the family is like this, then the outsiders will have nothing to do with your personal life.

Knowing that the accompanying umbrella is useless in torrential downpours, we comfort ourselves with the fact that it is “with” and rest assured. Some relationships in life sometimes have the same fate…

No one can deal with our ups and downs and pains but then we have to understand that we are not alone but there is someone with us…. After all, emotional investment in relationships keeps the mind optimistic….

Life is beautiful. May you live your life happily. Don’t think about what others will say, what others will think.
Get serious now!! Because nobody cares about your personal life.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)


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