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Home » Families with stress and mistrust of each other remain disturbed.

Families with stress and mistrust of each other remain disturbed.

Families with stress and mistrust of each other remain disturbed.

Madhura Dhaygude

This is our extended family separated together and now we get to see the new sense of extended family. The thought of extended … why do nuclear families happen, the reasons for what would be a broken family …. felt like writing easily …

No family is perfect in every way. Also, it is not in our hands to decide which family we should be born into

Every person grows up in a family, which has its own culture. The first few years of a child’s life, and the environment in which they grow up, have a direct impact on the child and how they function in society as individuals later on.

A dysfunctional family means …..?!

A family where there is constant fighting, carelessness and bad behavior. Families have a lot of upheaval on an emotional level. Children are also neglected and abused. Children from dysfunctional families feel the same way as everyone else. And so they don’t know how to deal with different issues in this dysfunctional family. In contrast, in healthy families, all family members are encouraged to develop themselves. and help to become emotionally competent and secure.

In dysfunctional families, there is persistent depression in relationships, where there is some degree of neglect and misbehavior among members. Children raised in such families lack confidence and self-esteem. These children feel that everyone’s home has the same atmosphere. This affects the growth and development of children.

In healthy families, household members respect each other. There is intimacy.

In broken families there is tension and mistrust. Also adults are distrustful and arrogant. Such household members do not create a safe environment. Growing up in such a home is a constant fear of anonymity. In such families forgiveness is not valued and feelings cannot be expressed freely. Ego, selfishness and many more….

This cycle does not stop if there is generational inactivity in a family. Elders can’t use the elders’ dignity, it is their responsibility to keep the house tied, but it’s their selfishness, self-absorption… The qualities of all the members of the family are responsible for having a dysfunctional family.

If the financial situation of the family is very poor, it may result in a family breakdown. Parents become anxious if any problems arise in the family. This then creates a rift between the family members which leads to quarrels and destroys the peace of the home.

If the older person is constantly talking to others in a tone of authority and trying to keep them in awe. It creates authority among family members over each other, fosters disrespect and creates resentment.

If there is no time for dialogue, debate and clarification in a family, then there is also a breakdown in the family due to the wrong influence of thoughts.

There are many such symptoms, then a new extended family is found. It is best to have an extended family that supports us, praises us and encourages us.

The teaching is the same in the end, one keeps searching for the place where one’s mind will find satisfaction, one keeps running, even Abhimanyu did not know about going back. We are all proud. We also didn’t know how to go back, those lost families are the same way, forgotten and broken…

.At the last moment they meet .Only the middle time is lost ..”Distant near relatives with this new identity..”…!!

What do you think?? Respect for individual relativity.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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