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Home » Falling down is not Failure , but staying down is real Failure.

Falling down is not Failure , but staying down is real Failure.

Falling down is not Failure , but staying down is real Failure.

Meraj Bagwan

Success and Failure are most inevitable part of life. Everytime we didn’t get success in everything. So, everyone in their life faces failure many times. But, Falling down is not Failure , but staying down is real Failure.And it’s very important attitude in each and every stages of life. Success-Failure applicable in everything.Like , in study, in job and business and also now a days in relationships.

School and College going students may get fail in their studies and examinations. And many of them gets frustrated to this failure. And this is the main reason and indicator of failure. Because frustration means staying down always.

In job or service sector , people faces many ups and downs. Sometimes some one may face loss in business or someone in job may not get promotion or salary hike. And due to this these people get addicted various bad things. And this behaviour is nothing but facing failure with negative attitude.

Human relationships now becoming very very sensitive.Trust , Care , Love and Maturity getting disappear in relationships. As , no one is ready to adjust and compromise. No one is ready to maintain healthy relations. And this is nothing but failure in relationships.

In life after long struggle also , people couldn’t get success. In such situation, person who never tried again becomes real loser. Failure is not the end of life. It’s just part of life. And hence after one failure life didn’t gets stop. Actually , after failure , person who stands up again, tries again becomes successful one day and it’s the symbol of real human being.

Whenever person gets failure , he obviously gets depressed or frustrated. But in such situation , person who highlights fire from his belly becomes true warrior. Then no matters he fails or pass , taking step forward is most important.

Failure period decides your entire life. In this period how you behave , how you keep your attitude really matters. If you just think about past failures and gets emotions for the same , you will always feel loser.Hence in failure period your every step is very very crucial.

Some people are very very clever and intelligent. But sometimes these people also faces some failure .After this failure , many of them gets depressed and may not be ready to accept failure. And these things again brings failure in their life.Everyone needs to face failure with strong mind and heart. Failure should not go to our mind.

Evertime we didn’t get success. 1%-2% luck is always involved in every one’s life. But there is 98-99% part is of efforts and try.And if your efforts are 100% then no one can failed you.

In failure times how we behaves with others is really matters. Failure is the challenging situation for us. So everyone we need to be cool ,calm ,positive and strong. These things helps us to face any challenges of life.

In this world there are many successful persons. But in their life , they have faced lot of failures , challenges. But they never stopped, they never stopped their efforts and hence now they are inspiration to others. Therefore we people also behave in such a manner that other people must get motivation from us.

Nothing is permanent in life , hence failure also not permanent. So just don’t keep watch on failure , just take lessons from failure and move on. Rectify your mistakes ,don’t repeat mistakes. It will help you to go forward towards success.

Never care Failure , otherwise it will not let you go forward.

Best wishes for Successful Life!

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