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Enjoy your existence, suffering is your own creation.

Enjoy your existence, suffering is your own creation.

Meraj Bagwan

‘Existence’ means our place in this world, our image, our personality and ourselves. This is a priceless gift given by the universe. The answers to the questions of why we are in this world, what we want to do here, how and why we want to live is our ‘existence’. .and to enjoy this existence is to truly live. But we are ignoring this existence and only and only paying attention to suffering, keep appreciating it.

The Creator has given many gifts to the human being. Such as intelligence, ability to think, ability to make decisions. Based on this, man gets education, does business, achieves success and creates a place for himself in the society. Many things happen in this journey. Many things happen.

Many people meet.Many experiences.Some happy and some sad.Sometimes success and sometimes failure.And this is the cycle of life.Self-existence plays the biggest role in this.But often one is in this journey of life without enjoying the moment. , keeps thinking about things that happened and suffers from self-inflicted suffering.

Our existence is not just to sit and suffer. In every person’s life something bad happens, has happened and will happen. Life has meaning because of suffering. But therefore, how long to live wrapped up in it becomes an important question. At every stage of life there is one or the other problem. But many people tend to increase the existing suffering. Many people keep appreciating how great my own suffering is. Sometimes in the mind and sometimes in four quarters. And then the existence remains aside in all this.

Every person is unique. Some have certain qualities and some have better qualities. Some are good at art and some play. Some are academics and some are social. That is, there is something hidden in each of them. And based on that, that person can achieve great success in life. Can create a place for himself. And can also be useful to the society. And this is true living. Existence. It is to enjoy. The rest of the sufferings are just to drag our feet.

Existence is us. But while paying attention to this, society should not be forgotten. Society plays a very big role in shaping us. Various elements of society play a big role in our success. Be it our family members, friends, teachers, colleagues or Any other elements of social life. Directly-indirectly, all these churches shape our lives in a way. They are working to give direction to life. But often some people continue to blame the whole society from the bad experiences of someone and create their own suffering.

In life, no one is with anyone forever. Therefore, it is necessary to learn something or the other from whoever you meet. Everyone is not like your nature, your thoughts may not match their thoughts. But everyone is precious. Therefore, while preserving your own existence, you should also accept the existence of others. Thoughts should be respected. The journey is not forever but still some kind of bond should be maintained somewhere. For this it is necessary to self-introspect and make necessary changes in oneself. And when a person changes himself, he will be able to truly know the existence of himself and others. .and then be ready to deal with grief.

Many people directly or indirectly support our success and whole existence. Therefore, it is very important to have a sense of ‘gratitude’ in the mind. And if this is ‘gratitude’, then one can enjoy the existence to the fullest. Suffering is the truth of life.

Whatever bad, negative things happen in life, there is some reason or the other. For something good to happen, it is necessary to suffer, and without it, life itself is not balanced. So, whenever there is sadness in your life or someone else’s life, it is important to take a lesson from it and move forward in life without spoiling it too much.

Enjoy everything that happens in life to your heart’s content. Travel with every person you meet, those who are for you will support you till the end, those who are not for you will stop at a ‘stop’ and your journey with them will also stop. Just accept the reality. If you succeed, be happy, if you fail, learn. If you are happy, dance, if you are sad, digest. Achieve your goals. And while creating your own existence, live by becoming a part of the society. Feel the solitude, but not forgetting yourself.

Suffering is self-created. And if you want to remove it, enjoy your existence and make life easy. And most of all, enjoy the space in the present and enjoy it to your heart’s content. Because ‘the moment is mine’ and live it.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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