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Don’t waste time proving yourself to those who doubt your abilities.

Don’t waste time proving yourself to those who doubt your abilities.

Harshada Pimple

Constantly wasting time proving yourself to others…?
So this article is for you…!

We live in a place where people are everywhere. There is no place without people. Not only this, but also in our behavior and thoughts, there is a human nature. And when there are people around, there is communication. Everyone has a different nature. Not all of them get along well with each other.

Many people do not get along with each other at all. Some of them are constantly watching others in the trouble. They don’t even see the good in others. And some people even directly doubt the ability of others. They don’t believe that one can achieve something. It is easy for them to directly judge a person.

Do we really have the right to question someone’s ability….basically do we have that much ability in ourselves before questioning the ability of others..? These things should be considered. And which are not considered at all. Some people simply doubt their abilities.

Who is it that doubts your abilities…?

Actually we know our capabilities. We gradually become aware of our abilities unconsciously. And we have the right to make someone aware of his abilities but we don’t have the right to doubt someone’s abilities. Many times people keep doubting our abilities and we keep thinking about it so much. It is only for those people that we seek to prove ourselves. Often these people remain doubters and we spend our time proving ourselves again and again.

Friends, proving yourself is not bad at all. Proving yourself is a very good thing. But why and to whom we are proving ourselves is equally important. If you have to prove yourself, prove it in your own eyes. Don’t go back to prove yourself just because other people doubt your abilities. Don’t waste your time on it. Realize that there are countless things to do in life.

If someone doubts your art, don’t waste your precious time proving it to that person. You never know when one thing will slip out of your hands while proving one thing.

So when someone doubts your abilities, think about some things. This will make you realize what you are really doing and what you are not.

Friends, every single moment is important in life. But if we keep thinking about such people around us, we forget that our precious time is being wasted.

There is really no point in proving yourself to others. What will be gained by proving yourself to others? Contentment/happiness/happiness…?and constantly proving ourselves to others, we don’t realize how much we are neglecting within ourselves.

So…live life thinking about what you need for yourself.Try to be successful in your own eyes.Don’t waste your time for others.Life is very beautiful and there are many things in life that we want to achieve. So it is important to move forward to achieve those things. Many things in life will remain incomplete if you keep wasting time proving yourself to those who doubt your abilities.

So…think about it and go ahead. Many beautiful things in life are waiting for you. Atleast to achieve them, don’t waste your precious time in front of such people. Try to believe in your own abilities and move forward.

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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