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Create your need wherever you go!!!

Create your need wherever you go!!!

Kavya Gagangras


We are a part of a group, part of a society. Therefore wherever we go we come into contact with many types of people. With each other’s help one moves forward. A good society formed only from this. We don’t limit ourselves to our family and think beyond it, creating an extended family. That is the reason we called it ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakkam.’

Thinking about others, what does it really means? It means being sensitive towards them. If something happens with my loved one I may feel pain. I will go to help them. But am I serve help to those who don’t know me? Who need me as a human being. Do I care about their pain, about their happiness? If yes! Then it is called as being sensitive. Being empathetic. When we become like this, people connect with us without saying anything.

We have seen many people around us who are so empathetic that we don’t need to say them, “I need help” and that is a real human skill. Anyone can help us if we told them but what makes man special? When he/she running for you without saying anything. So our personality should be such that people need us wherever we go. We live in a such society like “water water everywhere and not a drop to drink.”

Means we are living in a world crowded with many people. In fact, no one appears to be alone. But why does a person become lonely in this world full of everyone? Why are you lonely? Because even though there are people; few, whom one can open their heart, one can take help as their right. Therefore we say person is left alone in the crowd of people. Why this is happening? Because the communication is decreased. the listening has decrease somewhere. People don’t have time to listen each other simple conversation. Help was long way of.

So when will people need us? when will people ask for our help? When our personality is like that. We should be able to put a gentle smile on the face of sadness. We should be able to put a smile on people’s faces. There are such people in our lives who make us happy. We want them to be with us. Why? They have that personality. Their presence adds happiness to the atmosphere.

So should we be. How much we can help someone, what are our capabilities are all next. But at least we are listening to someone, this feels them satisfied. And listening is not as easy thing. Not everyone can do it. Feeling of having someone to open my heart is very satisfying. The man felt half better from it. And others need such person. If we have the attitude of just taking and not giving then the need of others will remain aside and we will not get anyone in our pain.

So make such personality and just aware people that you are there when they need you. Not by actually saying but by your behaviour. You will be surprise, many people will need you in there every step. Not only to reduce their pain, their misery also to double their joy.

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