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Home » Change the world with your smile but don’t change your smile with the world.

Change the world with your smile but don’t change your smile with the world.

Change the world with your smile but don’t change your smile with the world.

Meraj Bagwan

‘Laughter increases life’. We all say this phrase sometime or the other. But do we implement it every time? Something to think about. Problems are there throughout life. But many people lose the smile on their face when they face problems.

And sit pampering the problem. You will say, this is very nice to write and read, but ‘only the one who burns knows’. But if you think a little calmly, you will understand that , ‘Laughing doesn’t cost money, but laughter is a very valuable thing’. So, change the world with your smile but don’t change your smile with the world.

If you observe, one thing you will notice is that a smiling person, a person who is always smiling is a person who is more beautiful than any other person in the world, who cannot be compared to anything and anyone.

A person who has such a beautiful smile on his face not only brightens his own life but also the people around him. The world is also making positive. Laughter has an energy that gives everyone a new consciousness. Relieves stress. Calms the head and refreshes the mind. So change the world with your smile. If we can achieve so many things with our one present smile, then why should we not smile?

Many bad, negative things happen in the world. Sometimes they are personal and sometimes they are public. And because of those things we suffer. Those public things are not in our hands, sometimes not even in our control.

But still we lose our smile thinking about the same things and then blame the situation. But all those worldly things are not permanent. But for those temporary things we lose our smile forever. After all, smile is a permanent thing. So don’t change your smile because of the world.

Life always tests us. Then we often blame God, destiny and fate at that time. But that creator, that nature has given us a gift of ‘Laughter’ which always helps us, gives us strength to face difficulties. But we lose our smile because of that world. .Things that are going to happen will happen. There is no point in overthinking it. But how we take everything that happens in life definitely makes a difference.

So one thing should always be remembered. That is, ‘No matter what happens, I will never lose the smile on my face’. Because smile is something that never goes away from us. It supports us till the last moment. Why should we give up on things? People, things are never permanent in our life. With everyone, our journey stops at some point. Then again, new people, new journey… the cycle continues. You and I cannot change this. Therefore, it is necessary to accept what is there with a smile.

You say, how can everything be fixed by just smiling? Today there are many people in the world, who are in great trouble and trouble. They have to give up many things from time to time. But still, the smile on their faces does not diminish even a little bit.

On the contrary, these people keep aside their sorrows and go forward by themselves to help others. They are trying to straighten out their lives. Where does this energy come from? Everyone can act like this, all that is needed is to think and implement it.

As a part of society, it is always better to have a smile on someone’s face than to have tears in their eyes. A person with a smile stands out in society. She may not be successful but many people can be successful with just her smile. There is so much strength in that smile. No matter how much stress in life, because of that stress. Your smile should not deteriorate. No one, nothing, is given the right by God to take away your smile, not even yourself.

That’s why ‘laughter’ is a natural but equally precious thing, always keep it in your life. Then a lot of things will start to change slowly, due to which your life and others will also be ruined.

‘So….smile please…..’

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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