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Broken people become firm, practical!!

Broken people become firm, practical!!

Kavya gagangras


Any person, from any corner of the world, no matter how tough they look from outside, be it a woman or a man; Everyone has a thin thread of sensitivity in corner of their mind. Everyone has some level of sensitivity. There is emotionality. Everyone has a different way of expressing this sensitivity. That person in their life is different. It varies from person to person. So we cannot call him insensitive because he is tough and angry. Because we may not have seen that sensitive side of him. Maybe it’s for a certain person. It may not be shown to the world which could be the reasons. But it never happens that man is completely emotionless.

Some people are a little more emotional, some less. It is often said that women are more emotional and sensitive than men. But not so. Has anyone ever seen a father crying profusely at his daughter’s wedding? Who doesn’t know a father who works hard day and night to make sure that the child learns well? It does not work by denying everything. Women show their emotionality because they are allowed to express it. They can cry, they can open their hearts. Unfortunately men still don’t have that freedom. So it doesn’t appear.

So anyone can be sensitive, be emotional. Everything depends only on how we manage it. It was up to us in which situation to be emotional, which situation to handle wisely. Now in our life there are some relationships, there are some things where we often make emotional decisions. We don’t think much there. Not very practical. Becomes sensitive. But when it comes to disappointment, when certain events occur in life when we are completely broken, this emotionality diminishes.

This breakdown often comes from disappointment, this disappointment comes from trusting too much. Now we don’t place this expectation, this trust on a stranger. All these things used to be about those whom we consider as our own, who are close to us. When these things break somewhere, a person is broken inside. The trouble is not caused by the behavior of a stranger, but by our own person, even if the incident is same. So we also say, I wouldn’t mind if someone else did it. But it hurts that you did. There is hope somewhere in this. We would have given that person a place in our life. But when different experiences come from the same person, they change the person.

Through those experiences, a person changes from inside, outside. He becomes assertive. All around us, even at home There are people who do not express themselves immediately, does not break easily. Those who don’t like to show their feelings openly rather they don’t get emotional easily. We say how rude this person is! But few know the broken heart that lay behind that toughness, very few witness the suffering they went through.

So on the surface these people seem rough, dry, very practical, but somewhere inside there is a hurt corner. They would have consciously changed themselves because some of the repercussions of the previous incident still lingered on their minds. So now if we get emotional then there is a fear that the same thing will happen to us again. But it should also be noted that being practical is not always a bad thing.

Not all people who are broken are broken. Not all are completely rough. Because experience is our teacher. So even if they have bad experiences, such people take the right lesson and move on. Those who used to be too trusting, those who used to get emotional quickly, could be handled properly through this experience. People get to know each other better than ever before. One can think about it.

Both these things happen from the same thing. Which happens because of a broken heart, though the circumstances behind it are different. But the person changes in both ways. Why? because in the end it all depends on how we think. Circumstances and the thoughts we have in them make these things happen. Therefore, no matter what happens, no matter how broken or defeated we are, we must move forward remembering that we still have this freedom of thought.

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