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Be so strong that no matter what the situation may be, the mood should not deteriorate.

Be so strong that no matter what the situation may be, the mood should not deteriorate.

Mayuri Mahajan

It is said that life is full of ups and downs, every person experiences these ups and downs at one time or another, it is said that the bumps of the situation make and shape a person, but the ability to struggle with this situation and face this situation is different in each person.

Today, there are one or many, countless, such things, stories, from everyone’s real life, which convey a message to each of us, that those who, even in the most difficult and conflicting situations of their lives, have become so strong, that at any stage of the situation, only There are millions of examples of those who kept facing the situation, never turned back, never thought of running away from the situation, faced the situation, faced it and won.

But the question is not only about the examples or the situation, the question is about the state of mind of each person when he is dealing with the situation, we have read every time, man is an emotional animal, everyone has more or less emotions, while going through the difficult turns of the situation, surely sometimes suffering, feeling bad. , crying and the edge of our fragile mind is deeply hurt at some point,

For some time we are with our feeling, next time ask ourselves situation is not in our control but state of mind is completely in our hand, and what is in our hand, we can definitely do it, so be so strong that no matter what the situation may be, state of mind should not deteriorate. ,

Actually situation teaches a person, it also makes a person tough and strong, the wounds given by the situation make a person strong, friends, one thing should always be remembered, that no matter how desperate the situation is, today’s situation will not be tomorrow, you just have to have patience and courage with it,

Although your situation determines your lifestyle, the real definition of your happiness depends on your state of mind, it was read somewhere that no matter how good your financial situation is, to truly enjoy life, your state of mind has to be equally good, today small things are starting to spoil your state of mind. , even if one of your stubbornness, a desire is not fulfilled, the boys and girls who are coming of age are seen taking extreme steps, even the reasons are valid, it is actually necessary to find out why this is happening around us today, because if we take to consider the reasons, it is very big. There will be a list, because we are the mirror of the society and how many people living at different levels of the society lead their lives.

Whatever the situation may be, it is not only on us, many times it is on someone else, only we have never tried to understand the pain of others, and to be honest, we have to fight with our situation, someone else will come to our aid and out of it. Don’t rely on any false hope that will get you out, a simple trick to fight the situation is to first accept the situation no matter what it is, and secondly your state of mind will strengthen you in such a way that no matter how many storms come your way. It is this threat of fighting and this power that will repel the coming crises.

We are human beings, sometimes we will get impatient, we will stumble, but we keep telling ourselves, if we keep fearing these small problems today, how will we overcome the big problems tomorrow???? Shoulders should be strengthened for that, often the behavior of others also affects our state of mind, at that time we should say to ourselves that my life, my life, I don’t want to lead as others judge me, how others see me, that is their vision, how I see myself, It is more important….

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