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Home » Ask for beautiful moments from age, because responsibilities never give time.

Ask for beautiful moments from age, because responsibilities never give time.

Ask for beautiful moments from age, because responsibilities never give time.

Harshada Pimple

I think ‘age’ is actually the most beautiful thing in life. Because I learned a lot from this age and am still learning. I may not have known my age at the time of my last breath but my age gave me a chance to live, gave me a new hope to live, various aspects of life. The satisfaction of giving moments will definitely be on my face. Because age is an important stage in life. If there was no concept of age, I would not have understood the beautiful moments of my life. Those beautiful golden moments are waiting for someone whether they are old or still on the threshold of youth. Couldn’t have imagined. Maybe!

Anyway…not everyone wants to be very old. Many people hate this age more. People often forget all this.

Even if the age of fifteen is not crossed

“You are not young anymore” so many times

This world makes the mind hard.

This is a very good thing…

It is very true. Age increases day by day. And with increasing age everything changes irretrievably. Often everything happens against one’s mind. So some people hate this age. Responsibility is something that can come anytime. Responsibility never comes preconceived. Perhaps to realize this, even if you cross a small stage of age, this world takes away your childhood in a moment as “you are not young anymore”. With our age, they also stop wandering with us. We grow with age, but they remain stuck in the closet. Waiting for you…!

One has to become wiser with increasing age

take responsibility,

You have to learn to live slowly..!!

Gradually the responsibilities start increasing. They start to realize. Stubbornness does not work. You have to take one step forward and one step back and become sensible. You have to consciously forget the chocolate pills in your hand. They say forget age and smile, forget age and garden. But that is usually not possible. Sometimes we lose those beautiful moments unknowingly because we are not old enough to laugh anymore.

But keep in mind, age keeps increasing and so do responsibilities. Don’t forget that if this responsibility ends today, another responsibility will be in front of you tomorrow. And increasing responsibilities never give themselves time. We get tired while carrying out the responsibilities. Age is crushed under the burden of responsibilities. So whatever age you are, you should take back the beautiful moments from that age. Responsibilities will continue to increase till the last breath. No.

As life ages…

Childhood/youth is lost and

The alchemy of living slowly

Starts fading..!!

If your heart tells you to run after a butterfly, then run. Get soaked in the rain sometime. If you want to off a lecture, do it. If you want to drink tea, go to the forest. At the school-college stage, many opportunities are knocking at the door. Don’t let that opportunity go empty-handed. Learn to take everything from that age. Even if you can perform poetry with both legs trembling, do it. But go on stage at that time. Claim your rightful moment from that age.

At least 100 forts should be visited at this age, so go on a trek. You can take back the opportunity to explore the world from age. What is tomorrow, there will be a lot of time, but you can’t go anywhere without responsibility. Because just like the time that has passed does not come back, the age that has passed once does not come back again. That’s why you insist on getting happy moments from the age you are at this moment. When the responsibility comes, it cannot be insisted. The magic that we experience in childhood, youth, we don’t usually experience that magic later. We who experience magic at one age become someone else’s magician with increasing responsibilities.

As you get older, you don’t want it…indeed childhood is very beautiful…even if you get older, if you can keep the child alive in you, it will reduce some trouble…maybe….।

At one stage this increasing age is not desirable. It becomes difficult to meet all the responsibilities. Even from financial burden to marriage, children, illness, education, all the responsibilities come on the body. Take a moment back…?? With age, wrinkles will appear on a beautiful face…but once you smile, that wrinkled face will definitely look different from others. If you take back the beauty of that face, the happiness of that smile from that age…??

So… Life will be really beautiful. Responsibilities in life will keep increasing forever. There will be no freedom from it. Time will pass like this while taking care of responsibilities. So don’t forget to capture beautiful moments.

Try to keep your child alive at the stage of life. The burden of responsibilities will be less. Try to make the moments that come beautiful. Learn to seize the moments that come in time. Otherwise, the responsibilities will slip away for a few moments…

So…Go and catch a falling star..(John Donne) Nothing left…!

Gayatri Kawade
(Science Student)

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