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As long as you tolerate; you are good….

As long as you tolerate; you are good….

Kavya gagangras


“Raghu, go to the market and bring some stuff immediately, the guests are coming. Don’t miss anything.” Rama said to Raghu. “Mami it’s time to go to school, can you tell Girish?” Raghu was leaving for school, Rama was telling him to do the work as it was already time for him to leave. Raghu, Raghunandan is the son of sushila.

i.e. the sister of Rama’s husband Narayana. Their nephew. Narayan’s sister Sushila. She got married at a young age. After some time Raghu born. Unfortunately, he did not enjoy his father’s company much. They used to live in a village. Everything became difficult for Sushila after her husband passed away. Raghu was her only support. But he was still young. His education had to happen.

Sushila realized that it would not go well in the village. Narayan was living in the city. The situation at home was good. There were people. Raghu had siblings. She kept him here thinking that he would learn better by staying with Mama. Raghu was very young when he came to Narayan. Just seven, eight years old. Narayan’s son Girish, Namrata was his age. He used to stay here when he came on vacation. So when mother left him here, he didn’t complain much. There was no one with him in the village. He stayed here because there are uncle and aunt, siblings.

Mama Mami also used to pamper him. But when? When he comes on vacation and how long will they be like that? It wasn’t anymore. Narayan couldn’t refuse when Sushila requested him for raghu. But he didn’t like that raghu will stay with them. Sushila agreed to pay his school expenses etc. But if she couldn’t, everything would fall on him. What will he say to his sister? So he took Raghu with him.

In the beginning, both of them were talking and treating him well. But after some time, his behavior changed. They did not treat Raghu the way he treated Girish and Namrata. They get angry for the smallest reason. They used to ask such works to him that he couldn’t do. He was also polite by nature. Mother had told him to listen to what Mama Mami would say. Do not go beyond their words. So he never say anything.

But later on, Mami started insulting him, putting him down in front of the people who came to the house. He didn’t say anything in front. But went inside the room and cried a lot. When he goes to the village to meet his mother, tell her how mami treats him. But she used to explain to him. “You grow up and learn well. Then we will be stay together. No one will tell you anything.”

He understood at a young age. He could see the hardships of his mother. So he used to come back and stay. The amazing thing is that Narayan and Rama did not complain about him to Sushila. Your son is meritorious. Saying that he lives well. Why would they complain? He used to tolerate all their behavior. He did not say a word. And as long as a man acts according to you, endures all, he is good.

Even today when he was about to go to school, Rama made him work. Girish had a day off today. He was just sitting. But she didn’t tell him. She often does this. If Raghu had an exam or an important day at school, she made him engaged in something else on the same day.

Many times because of this, Raghu was yelled at by the teachers and beaten up at school. At home he talked about it to his mama. But his schooling or anything related to him did not value them. They thought if we have given him shelter, he should do as we say. Same case if girish or Namrata had exam, both of them would serve them well. Raghu endured all this for a long time.

But today for the first time he said something that made Rama’s temper rise. The story happened like that. Raghu was cleaning the house and mama, mami were inside the room. Both of them were talking about something. It will fall on his ears. “How many more years do we have to maintain this?” Raghu will understand that he is being talked about. He stopped there. Rama was speaking angrily. “Your sister is not as poor as she seems, she is not naive. She left the child here and she is enjoying herself there.

We are told that she works and works hard. Who has gone to see what she is doing! How many more years will he stay with us?” “Oh, I don’t like keeping him here either. But how do I tell her?” Narayan said. Rama said furiously, that’s not my problem. I’ll tell you if you can’t! How much work we have to do and your sister will have fun there! It will not work at all! Tears were coming from Raghu’s eyes. Till now he had endured all kinds of insults, their behavior. He never said anything. But he couldn’t bear to insult his mother like that today.

He knew how hard his mother lived there. It was his aunt who said that to her. He went in and wiped both of his eyes and said, “Mama Mami, I know you are suffering a lot because of me, but you can tell me what you want, tell me anything I will do. If you don’t want me to stay here, tell me. I will go now. But please don’t say anything to mom. I won’t like it.” Even now he was talking to them properly.

There was no rudeness anywhere in his behaviour, he was hurt. He said only that no one should insult his mother. But both of them were not so sensible. They could not bear that a boy who had not spoken a single word till today was now telling us this. Raghu gave them reason to speak bad about him. Narayan immediately called his sister and told her how he had insult them. Additionally, he made things up and said things that did not exist.

Sushila knew her own son very much. If he said that, she knew there must be a reason. But she didn’t say anything and Raghu also decided not to stay there anymore. He explained to her that he would now learn by himself. By doing part time job. She also accepted his decision and they both left from there. Raghu, who had endured all these years, could not bear his mother’s insult. And after suffering all these years, the good Raghu came to speak for the mother, according to mama mami turned out to be bad.

We can tolerate anything until it takes our life. But it also takes wisdom to know what to tolerate and what not. Because the sufferer is also guilty as culprit. The question here is not about honor. But where our progress is stunted, where someone close to us is constantly criticise us, where our tolerance will harm us. it is up to us to take action against it.

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