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10 Main Reasons of Communication conflicts between married couples

10 Main Reasons of Communication conflicts between married couples.

Kavya Gagangras


Communication is the soul of each and every relation. Without communication , no any relation blossoms and grow. In our country , there is so much importance for marriage and family system. Marriage is the base for every family system. And in marriages huband-wife is very close relation, in which valuable bond creates and maintains.

But sometimes this Husband-Wife relation gets spoil. And due to this communication also gets spoil. Mainly there are some important reasons behind this communication gap and conflicts in communication.

1) Insufficient time to each other – due to today’s cut throat competition and career building ,both husband and wife are working in corporate and other sectors. Due to work load , extra working time and stree they gets very few time for each other. And hence due to this reason, communication gets collapsed.

2) Introverd Nature -Sonetimes husband speaks very less. Not even get express freely with his wife. And sometimes wife becomes so strict. This nature, can badly affects on conversations and communication.

3) Financial Issues – Due to big financial problems , issues husband-wife gets streesed. Due to lots of responsibilities they sometimes get frustrated and cannot communicate properly with each other.

4) High Expectations – Expectations hurts. Wife expects lots of big things from husband , but every time it’s not possible for him to fulfill her expectations.And because of this both of them get disturbed and silence takes it’s place in this relation.

5) Stressful Physical Contact – Physical contact or Sex is very very valuable thing in each and every marriages.Feelings of touch speaks a lot than words.But in this physical contact , sometimes forceful things happens. Everyone partner may not be ready for this , but still another partner forces him or her.And it leads to conflicts in communication.

6) Family Disputes – Due to various reasons like ;illness, economic things family issues arrises. Relations gets kapil and it may affect on relation and communication between husband-wife.

7) Doubt -Doubt is such a thing which destroyes many married couple’s life. Wife may become insecured, and it’s natural. But when insecurity converted into doubt , it destroyed marriage relations and healthy communication.

8) Mobile Phones & Social Media – Now a days in every house , people are getting addicted to mobile phone and social media. In this artificial world , real communication getting stop and also husband -wife not expressing themselves freely in front of each other. They are just busy in their cell phones and enjoying on social media and finally forgetting communication between couples.

9) Improper management of responsibilities – In some houses , only husband has many responsibilities and in some where only single lady, wife doing entire things and looking after house. Due to this they are getting stressful. As a family they are doing this and to maintain relation they are just doing without any complaint. But slowly slowly it affecting on communication between them.

10) No Freedom – Every person is free and unique. Everyone has their opinion , thoughts. But in married couples ,sometimes both try to force his or her opinions or thoughts on each other. They don’t give values to each other’s opinion. And due to this communication gets collapsed.

These are some reasons , which are responsible for gap in communication. These are not just reasons. Actually these are problems , issues . And we need to resolve the same. Today husband-wife relation , marriages getting very weak. Lots of divorse cases happening in each house. And this is very serious social problem.

Marriages are still important in our Indian Society. Husband-Wife relation is valuable and pretty.Because entire family system is depends on it. Hence every couple should introspect themselves and learn to maintain healthy , lovely married relation. Couples must learn to Respect and Trust each other. Afterall it’s all about well-being of society and not limited to only couples.

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